Add a Real Estate Business Line to your phone with an App

Add a Real Estate Business Line to your phone with an App

 March 7, 2017

As a real estate professional, you probably receive a lot of calls from strangers. Giving out your personal number to strangers may not sit well with you, but carrying two phones is expensive and cumbersome. Wish there was another option? Well now there is! Add a business line to your smartphone with a mobile app, and project an air of professionalism while also maintaining a bit of privacy.

How the Second Line Works

Depending on the type of app you pick and the company you select, you can set up a second line that sends calls to your cell phone. The number might be a toll-free number (great for offices and teams) or a number for the local area you work in. Some companies, like Line2, use VoIP technology while others like Sideline actually use your carrier’s network. A potential client calls your business number and the call is routed to your cell phone.

Depending on the company you choose, you may have access to other features like text messaging, dashboards to help you manage all of your numbers, and after hours call handling.

It’s Good for Teams and Small Brokerages

The solution doesn’t just work for the agent tired of juggling two phones or sharing their personal number with people who may not even become clients. Independent brokers and new teams looking to cut costs can benefit from this ability, too.

Maybe you have almost no administrative staff or everyone is working from home offices. You can now have a professional office number as well as features that help callers get to the people who can help them. Set up separate numbers, extensions, or an auto-attendant so that when someone calls a main number, they can be redirected to the person they really need to talk to.

You can add after-hours messaging and assign who will take calls when during holidays or when someone is out on vacation. Your office or team will look even more professional and potential clients will be happier.

Adding a second line to your smartphone via an app is an inexpensive and easy way to protect your privacy, eliminate equipment expenses, and appear even more professional to new buyers and sellers looking for office or agent to help them with their real estate needs.

Michaela Mitchell

By Michaela Mitchell

Former Communications Director for a local Realtor Association and a big cheerleader for all things real estate related, Michaela is now a full-time freelance writer specializing in real estate and other business industries. When she's not writing the serious business-y stuff, she's likely to be found writing about the hilarity of being a Mom to two rowdy boys.