Release Notes – 2017.06.15

Release Notes – 2017.06.15

 June 15, 2017

New Features

  • Editing Listings
    The mechanism for creating a sold listing has been improved. You can now directly create a sold or pending listing, and have access to most of the edit fields. We are moving to having just three statuses (in addition to inactive): active, pending, sold. Inactive listings will now be set to “sold” instead of “closed” by the standard mechanism on this page. Existing “closed” listings will be switched to “sold” when edited (unless, of course, the status is explicitly changed to active or pending).


  • Coming soon – New Authentication System
    We are currently working on a new single sign-on authentication system that will allow customers to login across all applications at once (both Elite and TurboLeads). Think of how you can use your Google or Facebook account to log into different apps. This will work the same way.Why are we doing this?
    1. Security – we’re stepping up our game in the way we store customers’ data.
    2. Simplicity – authentication credentials will be stored and managed in one place instead of in each separate application. This makes it easier to offer a better user experience.Some things to expect:
    SOME customers that have insecure passwords will be required to reset them.
    Also when the new Authentication system gets implemented, some of the user flows and screens for managing your account, email, and password may change.Thanks for your patience as we work through this transition period!

Bug Fixes

  • Forgot/Reset Password Screen Styling
    The Forgot Password page no longer opens in a popup window. It has been styled to be more modern with appropriate iHOUSE branding. Same for the reset password page and other pages in those workflows.
  • MREIS Compliance Issue
    Requirements dealing with display of listing agents and selling agents for ME-MREIS have been addressed in this release.
  • Edit Client – removed password
    Both the Edit Client and Add New Client screens have a checkbox option to send a registration request to the EndUser in place of editing the password.
  • Remove outdated help text on open houses edit interface
    The help text on the open houses edit interface still referenced a feature that no longer exists. The text has been removed.
  • Password reset ignores notify address setting
    Password reset emails were using the standard functions for sending mail to agents, which respect the notify address setting from the admin menu. However, it is not appropriate for this setting to be used for password reset emails. This functionality has been changed.
  • Lead notifications bypass List Management
    “Lead notification” emails will now be delivered even if a customer has unsubscribed from email notifications.
  • Fix link in IDX standalone welcome email
    A link in the IDX standalone welcome email was being built incorrectly. This has been fixed.
  • Recaptcha doesn’t fit in small columns
    In narrow columns of elite website layouts, the recaptcha form was too large, and was breaking the layout. We have “cropped” it to fit for these cases.
  • Wrong map icon when editing Featured Listings
    The “find my location” button on the map overlay was using a Facebook icon rather than the crosshair icon. This has been corrected.
  • Only show the appropriate disclaimer on listing details pages
    While technical challenges still require us to show all disclaimers on most pages that could have any listing data, for listing detail pages we now will only show the disclaimer for the one MLS that provided the data in question, as requested via an MLS compliance request.
  • Fix IDXPro listing details slideshows
    The listing details slideshow in some IDX themes was behaving oddly. This is fixed.
  • Removed Blurry City Banner
    The Blurry City banner is well, blurry, and no one likes it. It has been removed from the banner library. Any websites that are already using it will not be affected.
  • CA-PISMO listing type changes
    A new data provider switched from a single “manufactured/mobile home” to separate types for “Mobile Home” and “Manufactured Home”. We have updated saved searches that referenced any of these values so that they referenced all of them (there are still “mobile/manufactured” listings).

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.