Generate More Leads with a Call to Action

Generate More Leads with a Call to Action

 November 1, 2017

One of two things can happen when someone discovers your real estate website. They might leave without giving you or your website another thought. Or they might stick around, take full advantage of your resources, and keep coming back to your site again and again. Visitors who fall into the latter category are far more likely to become your clients, so encourage more visitors to engage with your website using a call to action.

What is a Call to Action?

A Call To Action (CTA) is prompt for your website visitors to complete some action, normally paired with a benefit statement (“do this to get that”). No matter what kind of CTA you use, it’s a clear invitation or direction from you that tells a reader what to do next. Not all CTAs have the same function, but they are effective in directing your website visitors toward the actions you want them to complete.

What does a Call to Action look like?

A CTA is often a button somewhere on your website that encourages a visitor to do something such as “register” or “subscribe”. A call to action could also be a bit of text at the end of a blog post that encourages the reader to comment or share the post on social media. You can have multiple CTAs on your website based on the goals you set for what kind of actions you want to encourage. Your main “lead capture” CTA might encourage visitors to register on your real estate website to gain access to features and benefits such as:

  • Unrestricted searching
  • Ability to save searches
  • Ability to save listings
  • Email notifications for new listings

Lead Generation

A visitor will only complete your action – registration or subscription – if they think they’re getting something valuable in return. A person who completes your requested action is making an agreement with you. They’re giving you something of value (their email address, contact info, etc.) in return for something you’ve promised. This is your opportunity to establish trust and build a rapport with them as a potential lead. Now that you’ve given them a reason to return to your website, it’s time to give them reasons to want to work with you. Reach out, be of service, be a trusted resource, and you’ll be the first – and possibly only – person they think of when they’re ready to buy or list real estate.

Michaela Mitchell

By Michaela Mitchell

Former Communications Director for a local Realtor Association and a big cheerleader for all things real estate related, Michaela is now a full-time freelance writer specializing in real estate and other business industries. When she's not writing the serious business-y stuff, she's likely to be found writing about the hilarity of being a Mom to two rowdy boys.