Effective social media posts for real estate agents

Effective social media posts for real estate agents

 March 23, 2018

Not seeing much engagement on your social media posts? Unsure of what to post beyond “check out my new listing” or “just sold”? Listing information may seem like the most obvious things to post on social media, but it’s not enough and people will ignore you if that’s all you do.  If you want people to pay attention, you’ve got to post things people can engage with.

Here are some social media posts that will actually get likes, comments, shares, and clicks to your website.

Feature a Happy Buyer or Seller

Nothing shows the proof of what you do like a smiling buyer or seller. With their permission, take pictures at the closing table or in front of their new home. Talk about their journey – again, with their permission – especially if they came across challenges in the process. Don’t forget to thank them for allowing you to help them find their new dream home or help sell an old one. Tag them, if possible, and your post will reach their friends, family, and beyond (all potential clients).

Show off a unique feature

If you’re selling a property with an unusual or interesting feature, make it work to your advantage – post it on social media and let the world see! If it’s beautiful, interesting, or unique enough, your followers may comment, like, or share the video so others (more potential clients) can see it too.

Do a LIVE walkthrough

Live events are more tantalizing by nature, so why not do a live walkthrough of the house you’re selling? Host a Facebook Live event, go live on Instagram, or even host a live video on YouTube. Whether you’re filming a formal walkthrough or just horsing around, a live video feels more personal, and is likely to get more engagement.

Show Your Work(Space)

Are you working somewhere unique today like a local cafe or coffeeshop? Take a picture and let the world see it! Do you have cute or unique things on your desk or in your office? Share a picture and tell the story behind it. Showing how and where you work humanizes what you do and shows a little bit of your process. Many people can relate to needing coffee while they work or having some odd thing in their office – or a messy desk.

Thank a Vendor

Featuring and thanking a vendor partner – lender, insurance, title company, home inspector, cleaners, stagers, whoever you work with – proves that you can’t do it alone. It truly takes a village to list or sell a home. Tagging the vendor also puts you in front of their audience, and gives that vendor a reason to talk about you or share your post, increasing your engagement.


Show Off Your Education

You know you’re constantly learning new things in real estate. And you also know that continuing education and designations make you a better real estate professional. Most of the general public has no idea that you have to take classes to earn your license and keep taking them to maintain it. Sitting in class? Take a picture and share what you’re learning and why it matters to you, your buyers, and your sellers.

Share a Community Event

Real estate professionals market themselves as the expert on the local community. Here’s an opportunity to prove it. Don’t just share a community event that’s happening in the future. Take video or pictures as you attend a community event. This is great for Facebook Live or a story on Instagram. If you can get organizers of the event in your video, even better. Tag people whenever possible in your images (make sure they’re flattering or ask permission first) and talk about how great the event was and who or what it supported.

Show Off Local Pets

Cats, dogs, and other cuddly creatures always get extra attention online. Start with a picture of your own pet. It not only humanizes you, it allows you to connect with people who also love cats, dogs, or whatever kind of pet you have. After that, with permission, share images of a buyer or seller’s pet. Work with a local shelter to help feature their animals up for adoption. Use this as an opportunity to remind people that one of the benefits of owning a home is that you can have a pet.

Profile a Local Business You Love

Pick your favorite coffeeshop, restaurant, car mechanic, and any other local business to feature on social media. Take a few pictures and tell everyone why you like them so much. Tag them if you can so that they see what you’ve done and you get in front of their audience, too. Again, you’re showing people you’re a community expert and potentially engaging with people who don’t already follow you.

Post Tips for Everyone

Not everyone who follows you is actively buying or selling right now. Sharing good tips from your blog or as a quick graphic or video shouldn’t just focus on your current clients. To get the most engagement, vary the topics for homeowners, buyers, and sellers.

  • Seasonal maintenance tips
  • Tax deduction information
  • Selecting a moving company
  • Packing and unpacking tips
  • Credit and mortgage information
  • Getting a home ready to sell
  • Understanding the value of your home

Share Kid-Friendly Information

Like pets, anything related to kids will get plenty of attention. And like tips for buyers, sellers, and owners, offering a variety of information will reach different audiences. You can also combine other types of social media posts from trusted vendors to community events and put a kid-friendly focus on them.

  • Activities for kids in the community
  • Local businesses that cater to kids
  • Buying, selling, and/or moving with kids
  • Finding a babysitter
  • Parent-night out events
  • Local organizations like the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club

Social media engagement can take many forms – likes, comments, and shares. The whole point is to connect with someone in a new way beyond the “Hire me as your Realtor” sales pitch you usually make. With good social media engagement, you’ll reach potential buyers and sellers while also staying in touch with past buyers and sellers. Even better, you’ll be seen as a real person, a professional, and a community expert.

Michaela Mitchell

By Michaela Mitchell

Former Communications Director for a local Realtor Association and a big cheerleader for all things real estate related, Michaela is now a full-time freelance writer specializing in real estate and other business industries. When she's not writing the serious business-y stuff, she's likely to be found writing about the hilarity of being a Mom to two rowdy boys.