Release Notes – 2018.03.22

Release Notes – 2018.03.22

 March 22, 2018


  • TurboLeads Updates
    • The Contacts page now remembers and keeps using the last used sorting and filters until you explicitly change them.
    • Listing flyers finally made it into TurboLeads. You can send them either from a Contact detail page or from a bulk action on a list view of Contacts.
    • Badges were added to show if Contacts are registered, subscribed, and have housetracks, similar to how LeadTracker did.
    • You can now filter Contacts by has/does not have HouseTrack.
    • Added alternate Text format to go along with HTML format for all TurboLeads notification emails – this fixes the problem we’ve been having with 3rd party CRM’s not being able to parse new leads from us. (e-released)
    • Form submissions without email addresses are now being captured as new leads where appropriate.
    • 98% of Elite Agent Pro accounts have been migrated to our new TurboLeads CRM
  • Agent Editing UI cleanup
    • Agent user info is now broken out into it’s own card. The agent either has a user or they don’t. You can create one if it is missing. Edit or delete it if it is there. There is no more “allow login” checkbox.
    • *NEW* Multiple Admins:
      You can create multiple Admin role users now. All Admins have FULL permissions, including over billing and billing related actions.
    • Groups:
      Simplified to use a multi-autocomplete box that allows you to choose one or more existing values OR add a new group on the fly by typing any value you want.
    • Listings:
      Simplified to use a multi-autocomplete box that allows you to choose one or more “listing agent names” (if any) match this agent.
  • IDX Updates
    • Feed Consolidation – Under the hood, a number of IDX feeds that are in “master/slave” relationships now pull their listings from the master data feed instead of the slave. The eventual goal here is to eliminate the slave database tables and all the processing time and resources involved with maintaining that duplicate data. Customers should not notice any changes.
    • Find your listings – the initial fetch of listings (that asks if these belong to you) is limited to the first N listings, which is much faster. After continuing, it will fetch and import the entire set.
  • HouseTrack emails formatting fix
    Older/Existing customers have a “header” in their HouseTrack emails which includes a photo and contact info block. This was was previously hidden and not part of the editable content. Now it is so when you are editing what you see is what you get.
    New customers will not get the header – instead just the content (whatever they create), results macro, and signature macro.
  • Saved listing notice link
    Both saved listing and saved search TurboLeads notifications will now have a few key details and a link to the listing/search in the notification.
  • Implement role selection, enforcement
    Users can now be assigned the admin role, allowing them carry out all the same actions as the owner user.
  • Remove “remember me” from enduser login, extend default time to live
    “Remember me” option removed from client login. Instead, client logins will always behave as though “remember me” had been selected.
  • Maintain website context through application switch
    Whenever possible, users will now be directed back to their most recent website context when switching back to Elite from TurboLeads.

Bug Fixes

  • SS links in TL notes not clickable
    When possible, links will be provided along with the TurboLeads search view event.
  • Leads not saved in TL if they lack email
    Forms which do not include (or include, but do not require) an email field should now properly create contacts in turboleads and report form submission activity events for them.
  • Form notice entries out of order
    Turboleads form submission event logs should now present form field data in the correct order.
  • Client can’t update phone
    TurboLeads will now properly capture and record identifiable email addresses and phone numbers from forms submitted on Elite websites.
  • Changes to agent profile redirects to homepage
    Fixed issue with admin level users being improperly redirected after editing agent profiles.
  • “Tell a friend” email spam
    Emails generated via the “Tell a friend” form will no longer contain a “compliments of” section so that website owners are not accountable for others spamming

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.