Release Notes – 2018.04.05

Release Notes – 2018.04.05

 April 5, 2018


  • Email Verification
    TurboLeads email verification has been dramatically simplified so that you no longer have to type in a code – you can just click a button in your email. We are also automatically verifying where possible. For example if the customer receives an email asking them to choose a password, their email will be verified when they click the “create a password” button. All existing customers (and their agents) are getting their emails automatically verified as part of the TurboLeads migration.
  • Bulk Compose using MailChimp
    In the old LeadTracker we allowed customers to select up to 100 contacts at a time and then Bulk Compose an email to all of them. In TurboLeads, we originally restricted this feature to 10 or fewer recipients – because anything more than that is a mass email (i.e. an email campaign), and we don’t want to manage those directly. You can now send to as many contacts as you want using the Bulk Compose feature, and if targeting more than 10 recipients, TurboLeads will create a MailChimp segment and campaign on the fly using the recipients and email content you provide, and then use MailChimp to send the campaign.
  • Saved listing notice link
    Both saved listing and saved search TurboLeads notifications will now have a few key details and a link to the listing/search in the notification.
  • Implement role selection, enforcement
    Users can now be assigned the admin role, allowing them carry out all the same actions as the owner user.
    Remove “remember me” from enduser login, extend default time to live
    “Remember me” option removed from client login. Instead, client logins will always behave as though “remember me” had been selected.
  • Maintain website context through application switch
    Whenever possible, users will now be directed back to their most recent website context when switching back to Elite from TurboLeads.
  • TurboLeads Office Migrations
    69% of office pro accounts have been migrated to TurboLeads.

Bug Fixes

  • SS links in TL notes are not clickable
    When possible, links will be provided along with the TurboLeads search view event.
  • Leads not being saved in TL if they lack email
    Forms which do not include (or include, but do not require) an email field should now properly create contacts in turboleads and report form submission activity events for them.
  • Can’t enable IDX on child site
    Agent user records manually corrected.
  • Form notice entries out of order
    Turboleads form submission event logs should now present form field data in the correct order.
  • 500 error on admin menu
    Agent user records manually fixed.
  • Client can’t update phone
    TurboLeads will now properly capture and record identifiable email addresses and phone numbers from forms submitted on Elite websites.
  • Tell a friend form
    Tell a friend emails will no longer contain a “compliments of” section.
  • Stage: making changes to agent profile dumps back on homepage
    Fixed issue with admin level users being improperly redirected after editing agent profiles.
  • Unable to reactivate child site
    Agent user records manually fixed to allow account reactivation.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.