Release Notes – 2018.07.12

Release Notes – 2018.07.12

 July 12, 2018


  • GDPR
    There is now a checkbox to turn on GDPR mode on the Web Admin: Settings: Visitor Registration page. This does several things:

    • It adds radio opt-ins at the bottom of every contact form on the website that ask for permission to store user data, to receive housetrack emails, and to receive marketing emails. Under GDPR you have to ask for explicit permission for these things, and you can’t default any of them to checked. Once a response is collected these should not show up again on forms for that user.
    • A section for GDPR appears on our boilerplate Privacy Policy. All of our customer websites have a footer link to this by default. The language describes how to self-manage your account (from the enduser settings page), and to contact if you want them to handle it for you. We are our customer’s “agent” in this regard, acting on their behalf to remove the appropriate data. There are other possible choices that we may need to field – for example under GDPR you can ask to see what information a website has collected on you. There is no automated process for this. Requests like this should be extremely rare and we will field them manually as needed.
    • The enduser account settings page now has “Delete my account” functionality. We’ve gone ahead and made this available for all endusers even on sites without GDPR enabled. Deleting your account will remove your login credentials, remove any saved listings, saved searches, and stop any housetracks and marketing emails that you have been receiving.
    • For GDPR mode, there is an additional choice to “Forget me / delete my digital footprint”, which will do all of the above, PLUS delete the contact from TurboLeads and notify the agent that they should also remove that contact from their address book and any third-party CRM’s they may be using.
    • Note: Turning on GDPR mode will hurt the website’s lead conversion by adding extra complexity and friction to registration forms, so it should be used sparingly, only for those customers that have a legitimate concern and want to mitigate their risk.
  • Simple Modal Registration Updated
    Name and Phone are now included by default as optional fields on the first page instead of deferred to the follow-up form. It is hypothesized that this will generate a higher number of quality leads (leads with phone numbers). The follow-up form has been updated so none of its questions are required. The form has also been updated to handle the GDPR.
  • Testing/Optimizing Website Conversion
    We’ve chosen 300 accounts to use in an experiment. We’ll be doing a split A/B test to measure which types and configurations of registration form are the most effective at generating leads. The goal here is to maximize the number of quality leads (with a phone number and some additional qualifying info). We’ll be using the data to set new better defaults for all customer websites.
  • New Powered By Footer
    Our branding area at the bottom of customer websites has been redesigned and standardized across all website templates.

Bug Fixes

  • Turboleads Saved Searches – Wrong Default Website Context
    For office accounts, some contacts have the wrong website context after importing them via CSV then assigning to the correct agent. So far this only negatively affects non-standard “reseller” type offices like Fusion, Platinum and K. The release will fix any new imports going forward. We’re also preparing a cleanup script that can selectively run for an individual agent within the account. It will move their endusers, saved searches, etc. from the parent website context back to the desired agent website context.
  • Housetrack flag set incorrectly upon saved search creation
    When manually creating a new contact in TurboLeads, default housetrack opt-in to on; this is generally desirable, and fixes issues with the initial state of the “has housetracks” property.
  • Office admin getting agent notices
    Task notifications should now properly send to the assigned agent, rather than the account owner.
  • TL IMAP does not support GoDaddy email
    Added IMAP integration support for additional legacy GoDaddy email accounts.
  • QA: deleting account takes you to register page
    When an enduser deletes their account they will now be redirected to the home page rather than the registration page.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.