Release Notes – 2019.01.03


  • Prev/Next arrows for TurboLeads contact details
    When viewing contact details in TurboLeads, previous and next controls will be available to page through results in whatever list the user was viewing.
  • New MLS icon directories and filenames
    Created a predictable URL pattern for MLS icons in google cloud storage.
  • SS Parsing Commas for Subdivision Field
    Loosened up the restriction that prevented pasting in a comma-separated list of subdivisions (also areas). This will work incorrectly if one of the pasted-in subdivisions has an embedded comma, otherwise will work as expected.
  • Groundwork for Google Analytics traffic report
    After we collect 30+ days worth of data we’ll be switching to a new, Google Analytics based traffic report UI and deprecating the old one.

Bug Fixes

  • Agent Cannot See that Office Campaigns Are Running
    Office agents could not see campaigns running for their assigned leads if the campaign was initiated by a personal MailChimp integration at the admin level. This has been corrected. Agents can now see and even stop these admin-level campaigns
  • Deleted Leads Come Back When Re-linking MailChimp
    When deleting a lead from TurboLeads, the contact was not being deleted from the linked MailChimp list. This was not a problem until you un-linked and re-linked the MailChimp account, when the deleted contacts would be synced back into the TurboLeads account from MailChimp. This problem has been corrected.