Release Notes – 2019.01.17

Release Notes – 2019.01.17

 January 17, 2019


  • Groundwork for Google Analytics traffic report
    After we collect 30+ days worth of data we’ll be switching to a new, Google Analytics based traffic report UI and deprecating the old one. The migration is slated for February
  • Improved Email Template Editor
    A basic ckeditor is now available in Turboleads for email template composition. Note that it does NOT include handling for images (a file manager integration) yet
  • Tracking “Tell A Friend” Form Submissions
    The “Tell A Friend” form will now properly report submission activity to TurboLeads when submitted by a registered user. It still does NOT capture new users due to issues of liability and consent.

Bug Fixes

  • Listing Flyer “If contacts are missing…” message shows in wrong context
    This message was showing every time you entered the listing flyer interface, often causing confusion when it was not relevant. This has been fixed. The message will only show when it is relevant.
  • MailChimp Campaign Tag Sync Issues
    Tags that were supposed to be temporary (for campaign email delivery only) were not being deleted as intended after campaigns were sent. This was quickly inflating the tags list for many accounts. This has been fixed. These temporary tags are once again being deleted within 24 hours.
  • Trouble Adding Mailing Address for a Lead
    Fixed an issue with cache management when editing contacts.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.