Release Notes – 2019.03.21

Release Notes – 2019.03.21

 March 21, 2019


  • All new IDX search interface
    We’ve officially launched our new and much improved IDX product. With the launch of this new product comes new pricing, new templates, and numerous changes to our marketing website.
  • Styled SS tables for new templates
    Saved Search tables have special styling for the new templates to ensure a cohesive design
  • Accommodate links in nav headers
    When a dropdown header is supposed to be a clickable link, the caret now opens the dropdown while the text portion works as a link. Generally, links in nav headers should be avoided, but many old accounts already have clickable links in headers, so this covers us for future migrations
  • Location Autocomplete Focus Message
    We now have better feedback / tips for the location omnibox dropdown. We now display a message prompting you to “start typing to see options…”, we show a “loading” message while we fetch your results, and we also show a “no matches” message if you have typed something invalid
  • Map Location Radius Autocomplete dropdown
    If you search by certain map options, there is a radius text input that now works like our location and price inputs – the input accepts manually typed numbers as well as dropdown selections from our list of default values.
  • Search restriction for Active Under Contract
    Updated the Search Restrictions screen to show the Listing status restriction field for React templates. Already there for non-React. Also removed the checkbox for “Hide Listings without Photos”.
  • MLS charges gone when upgrading from EXPRESS to PRO (after downgrade)
    New pricing code changes handle this case now

Bug Fixes

  • IDX Standalone, reCAPTCHA v1 on Tell-a-Friend form
    The IDXpro pop-up dialogs got left out when Invisible recaptcha was implemented. This has been corrected. The recaptcha has been added to the Tell-a-Friend, Schedule a Showing, and Request More Info forms.
  • Unable to update slideshow photo order
    This is fixed. You can change and save slideshow order again.
  • Blog Captcha Issue
    The catpcha code was there, but only for anonymous users. It needs to be in place whether someone is logged in or not.
  • 500 Error after agent profile creation
    Fixed. Removed ability to add Agent accounts with no login email
  • Map zoom level does not update for radius search
    If the map had already been zoomed in close for a previous search, it was not updating (zooming back out) when radius search options were subsequently used. This has been fixed.
  • Traffic Report updates
    Added Conversions view to the new google analytics traffic display. Only available for websites using new React Templates.
  • Save search doesn’t work on mobile
    Mobile save search button was never hooked up. This has been fixed.
  • Featured listings: sort order doesn’t work
    Legacy featured listing page sort options will now be properly translated into new react sort options where appropriate.
  • TL recent activity sort is broken for office agent
    Resyncing leads from mailchimp should no longer mark existing leads as having new activity.
  • Microdata Errors in Google Search Console
    Google Search Console messages were nagging customers about our microdata ( meta data). We were identifying MLS listings as “products” but we were not providing many of the required properties for that classification. Most of the missing properties were not relevant to Real Estate listings, so our best option was to remove the microdata entirely.
  • Search restrictions should restrict search defaults
    Updated the Search Restrictions and Search Options page to do this. Listing Types now restricted. The Property Types were already working this way.
  • New templates, nav with dropdown vanishes when clicked
    The conflict is within the elite_js_lib.js file that gets included in edit mode. Changes to this file are likely to break other stuff, so I’ve just used template CSS to fix the edit mode display issues
  • Featured listings sort options missing
    React IDX Featured Listings pages should now properly provide sort options.
  • 500 error on admin menu
    Fixed in issue where IDXPro PPC clients would encounter a 500 error when accessing their admin menu.
  • No way to remove listing features in listing manager
    Turned out to be a simple fix to get access to editing the View and Waterfront features, so that has been released.
  • Map does not zoom out when you clear location field
    This has been fixed. Map zoom resets when you clear location field.
  • List price not showing on featured listing carousel
    Fixed a typo related to changes in new sold listing functionality that kept prices from displaying on featured listing carousels.
  • Edit Grid Widget – Hide Column Settings
    The grid columns setting will no longer be displayed for react template users, for whom it no longer is relevant.
  • Lot size formatted wrong on homepage widgets
    Lot size display options now respected on home page featured listing widgets.
  • Unable to Create SS using Nearby Cities
    Saving saved search pages using the new react interface would lose location data when nearby locations were included. This has been fixed.
  • Main Nav Issues on IOS
    Navigation dropdowns were not working on iOS. This has been fixed
  • iOS: Carousel Arrow Backwards
    The left/back navigation arrow on the SS carousel widget was pointing to the right/forward position. This is now fixed.
  • iOS: Modal scrolling bug
    This has been fixed.
  • iOS: Save Listing Heart Oversized
    This has been fixed.
  • iOS: Sticky Footer Links not sticky
    This has been fixed.
  • iOS: location filter recent options not working
    This has been fixed.
  • Twitter ignores share images
    Twitter share will now show the image on listings.
  • MailChimp campaign emails have extra spacing
    The mailchimp processing was inserting extra
    tags just before sending messages. This has been fixed. Sending emails directly with the envelope icon in “Contacts” did not have this problem.
  • Unable to set ‘new’ listing flag on Express account
    Express customers should now be able to use the new icon setting in listing display options.
  • STAGE QA: Intermittent Errors
    Fixed intermittent 500 errors when using new react templates and search tools.
  • Sample map not showing on Express settings
    Express customers without custom map locations were not having the map settings screen draw properly. This has been fixed.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.