Release Notes – 2019.04.04

Release Notes – 2019.04.04

 April 4, 2019


  • Coming Soon: New IDX for Existing Customers
    2 more weeks before it should be safe to start switching over existing customers to the new IDX templates.
  • Keywords
    We’re building out a clean keywords system to replace our old custom fields.
  • Neighborhoods
    We’re building out a clean neighborhoods system (using data we’ve recently purchased) to replace our old dirty area fields.
  • Agent Photo On Listing Card
    There’s an option to include your agent photo on listing cards where you (or one of your office agents) were the listing agent. Default is ON. More to come on this for next release.
  • Page Level Registration – Additional Information Captured
    Lead registration will now show what page registration happened on in TurboLeads
  • Express Accounts – Manual Listings Only
    Going forward, Express accounts are for MANUAL listing entry only. They will no longer be able to auto-update listings. Auto-updating listings are only available for Pro sites.

Bug Fixes

  • Slideshow widget doesn’t render properly on IDXv5
    Removed the ability to use the old / legacy custom slideshow widget with the new templates
  • New Traffic Report Pop-In
    Added loading icon to analytics traffic reports, eliminating the jarring pop-in when the data fills in after the initial page load.
  • Handle manual lead matching existing contact
    Added warning when duplicate contact is being manually added.
  • EliteV5 – enduser “saved listings” screen uses old IDX
    Added Saved Listings view for EliteV5
  • Radius search
    Can’t see radius value while resizing, only afterwards
  • Print command in TL brings strange behavior
    Manually fixed tutorial state for user.
  • leads still broken
    Support has been added for parsing text versions of lead emails, which should hopefully provide more accurate and effective results for use who chose the text version from
  • First multi-autocomplete option goes full width
    Some styling for our autocomplete inputs was unintentionally being applied to the MULTI-autocomplete input as well, which caused the first multi-autocomplete option to go full width when selected. This problem has been fixed
  • Checkbox in default custom registration form is offset
    Fixed styling issues with checkboxes and radios in custom registration forms
  • Saved Search Success Toast Covered By Main Nav
    The success toast was being covered be the main nav after some recent changes to the template markup. This has been fixed
  • IOS: Close X on signup modal click target too small
    Increased the click target slightly for better mobile usability
  • Search by Location Bugs/Improvements
    Fixed both requests. requested defaults added and e-released. Page Title and Link Text moved into the React block so that they can be updated by changing search parameters.
  • Duplicate sq ft text on flyers
    Removed duplicate sq ft units print view.
  • Wrong request link in HT emails
    The schedule a showing link in housetrack emails will no longer improperly open the request more info form.
  • Banner image sort not saving
    Fixed issues reordering custom banner slideshow images.
  • Saved Search By Location Bugs
    Fixed issues with loading saved searches with nearby zip codes.
  • Location filter – clearing value does not always reset menu options
    Clearing the location input value was not always resetting the menu options to show recent searches. This has been fixed.
  • Manual listings will not show on idxv5
    Fixed an issue where react IDX listing details pages for manual featured listings were not displaying due to attempting to drawn non-existent MLS disclaimers.
  • User profile permission confusion
    In certain circumstances, incorrect role information was shown on the agent profile edit screen for users who own a child website.
  • Carousel doesn’t handle fewer results than widget limit
    When a listing carousel returned fewer results than the widget limit, the carousel was still attempting to step through the additional “missing” tiles. This has been fixed.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.