Release Notes – 2019.05.02

Release Notes – 2019.05.02

 May 2, 2019


  • IDX Migration Fixes
    Fixed a few bugs with new IDX migration path
  • Limit results for MLS compliance in new IDX
    Now respecting MLS compliance value to “only show up to N results per search” – value must be 200 or more.
  • Listing Details Agent Card
    Updated settings for handling display of agent profile cards on listing details pages
  • Listing carousel – move several listings at a time
    We have changed the default behavior of all carousels so that they slide by one “pane” instead of one “item”
  • Remove/Collapse Sidebar on Subpages
    For all of our new ReactIDX templates, subpage side columns will automatically disappear when they are emptied of widgets allowing the main column to stretch to 100% width.
  • Sort by sold date
    Added sort by sold date options to the list in the React components. Matching set in ReactIDX.js for completeness.
  • IDX Pro Activity Log
    IDXPro accounts will not show activity log
  • React version of “create saved search” needs Housetrack integration
    “Enable Housetrack” and “Send First Housetrack Now” checkboxes have been added to the React (Elitev5) Saved Search dialog (the latter only appears for new saved searches). Now matches the functionality available in idxv3.
  • Contact Us Modal link problem
    Fixed a problem with modal links in default custom content.
  • Support legacy searches migrated to new IDX
    Fixed issues with loading legacy saved searches with omnilocation area searches in new react IDX templates.
  • Account Signup/Activation Process Changes
    Company and Mobile Phone now required. Dropped fax field. Number of child websites now a flexible number input instead of radios with fixed values.
  • New sample data photos
    New higher-resolution sample images have been chosen and uploaded to the library-gs cloud storage bucket, and are now being referenced by react idx. Legacy Elite and IDXPro continue to use the old images.

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrect Charges After Upgrade
    The upgrade code wasn’t handling certain cases where an account was downgraded to EXPRESS (no paperwork), and then upgraded back to PRO. This has been fixed.
  • “Save listing” button reverts if clicked too quickly
    Quickly clicking on “Save Listing” has more predictable results.
  • iOS: Modal Register Form Off Screen
    The modal register form was drawn halfway off of the screen when the device screen width was 768px exactly (iPad resolution). This has been fixed
  • iOS: Takes too long for listing details modal to appear
    Delayed loading listing details content until after modal animation has finished. Now showing a loading spinner in place of listing details content until after the modal is open. This has significantly improved the responsiveness of the modal.
  • Facebook Login App – Branding/SDK warnings
    In response to some recent complaints from Facebook regarding our login button styling, we have updated our Facebook login button to use the newest Facebook logo and styling.
  • Quick Search Bar: fields don’t change with listingType
    Different listingTypes have different sets of “primary” filters. In the normal search UI, when you switch between them, the filter bar updates to show these, but the quick search bar (widget/component) was hard-coded to price, beds, and baths. This has been changed. The widgets are now dynamic so they change with listingType
  • TL Listing Flyer Agent photo
    Updated TurboLeads Listing Flyer to correctly pull in agent photo.
  • Multi-Autocomplete focus closes dropdown menu
    When attempting to focus on a multi-autocomplete input inside of a bootstrap dropdown, the dropdown closed, preventing you from interacting with the multi-autocomplete input. This bug has been fixed
  • Quick Search Location Blur Doesn’t Close Menu
    Once you typed in the location input of quick search forms (just a single letter for example), the dropdown would not close on blur. It would only close if you selected something, or deleted your entire input before blurring. This bug has been fixed
  • Featured Listings Carousel should reset on sort
    Changing IDX search results sort resets the carousel position to the beginning.
  • Agent profile more info linkout url not working
    Fixed an issue with linking to external agent URLs on agent roster pages.
  • Display status not showing
    There is now a “Pending” badge that shows up on listing cards and details pages. Similar to the New and Sold badges. There is also a listing display setting to show the “display status” (whatever the MLS value is) on listing cards.
  • Featured listings don’t show status on listing details page
    Listing Status is now included as one of the items in the Essential Items group on the listing details page for Featured Listings.
  • Nav menu text overhanging dropdown background color
    Navigation dropdown menus were not expanding to accommodate long link text when the header of the nav dropdown had a link in it. This has been fixed
  • HTML special character formatting
    Improved special character decoding on React listing details pages.
  • Listing details not showing
    Fixed an issue displaying listing details when certain listing data was null or undefined.
  • Agent profiles with no associated listings show ALL listings
    On new react templates, listings were erroneously being displayed on agent profiles without listing data linkage provided.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.