Release Notes – 2019.05.16

Release Notes – 2019.05.16

 May 16, 2019


  • Area search is now enabled
    All the same areas as we have in legacy Elite are now available in our new IDX.
  • Neighborhood search is now enabled
    Including new data not included in the MLS feeds
  • Keyword search platform is now enabled
    You won’t see any immediate change on the front end, but we now have the ability to quickly create new keyword values for virtually any data that is in an MLS feed. This will be an ongoing process as we map a standard set of keywords across all the MLS boards and then expand out with custom requests. We’ll give priority to the boards for accounts already in the pipeline. After that, new keyword requests will be handled on an ongoing basis.
  • Listing Details page design changes
    The open house section has been accented to stand out more (when there is an open house present for the listing).
  • New Estimated Monthly Payments section
    Less relevant features start out as collapsed and can be shown by clicking a “view more” link.
  • Agent Profile pages can now show multiple types of listings
    Both ‘Homes for Sale’ and ‘Homes Sold’.
  • New Custom Form Setting: Always create new contact
    Normally we track a website visitors session, so if they fill out multiple forms, it treats them as the same lead. However, some of our agents are using their website forms at open houses, where different visitors may fill out their information using the same computer (and session). To handle this case, there is now a setting you can turn on for an individual form to treat each submission as a new contact.
  • Session override / Force new contact per form submission
    Custom forms can now be configured to generate new leads on every submission regardless of what might be tracked in the browser session.
  • Video / Virtual Tours for mobile
    For mobile, when a virtual tour is present on a listing, we now show a link to it over the photo area (first photo only).
  • Sort by sold date
    Added sort by sold date options to the list in the React components. Matching set in ReactIDX.js for completeness.
  • Support white body text for new IDX
    Light body text and dark background set through the styling engine no longer breaks our React IDX styling. You can now set light body text without any ill effects

Bug Fixes

  • Nav sub menu link not wrapping
    The nav dropdown links were not wrapping on mobile, causing overflow issues with horizontal scrollbars. This has been fixed for mobile. On desktop however, we do not want to wrap these links. Desktop overflowing can be avoided with minimal effort when choosing link text / placement
  • Listing details styling broken
    Dev stylesheet was being used for custom CSS compilation on production. This caused problems on production when some classname changes were made in the dev environment – the entire listing details page was un-styled. This environment mismatch issue has been resolved
  • Remove G+ links from iHOUSE mws and email wrapper
    Google plus is completely offline now, so our G+ links have broken. Removed these broken links from our marketing website as well as our email wrappers
  • Compliance for ME-MREIS – “Sold by”
    Added support for ME-MREIS requested sold by attribution on details pages in new react templates.
  • Cannot paste into search field
    Our autocomplete dropdown inputs (react-select inputs) had very small click targets for cursor focus and the right-click paste option. This has been fixed. The interior component input is now full-width so that you can click anywhere inside to focus on the text or see the right-click paste option
  • No Area search on IDXv5
    Added Area Search to React IDX.
  • G suite imap integration not working with TL
    Turboleads imap integration will now work when an ‘&’ is in the password.
  • Auto response rules not working
    Auto response rules now will respect the “send nothing” option. Only one auto response rule is allowed per form per website.
  • Multi-Autocomplete focus closes dropdown menu
    When attempting to focus on a multi-autocomplete input inside of a bootstrap dropdown, the dropdown would close, preventing you from interacting with the multi-autocomplete input. This has been fixed
  • Listing Carousel – “X listings to display” breaks over 20
    If you set a number higher than 20 on your saved search carousel (25 for example), the carousel would only render 20 cards, but the controls will still attempt to step through 25 cards, which made the carousel broken and buggy toward the end of the loop. The reason is that our new IDX widgets only fetch the FIRST PAGE of IDX results, which is a max of 20 listings. We’ve updated our carousel widget, grid widget, and edit mode UI to reflect that 20 is the highest number of listings we will display.
  • Back Arrow on Listing Details goes nowhere
    If there is no page to go “back” to, the back arrow will go to a generic results page with the same listingType and city as the listing. (true for featured listings as well)
  • Privacy policy links for new buildouts
    The “privacy policy” and “DMCA” links have been added to the footer of default content for all of our new React templates
  • Hide carousel controls when unusable
    When a carousel only has a single result, the arrow controls should disappear since they are not functional. Same for any time all results cards are already on screen (where previous / next controls are not functional)
  • Switching listingTypes bugs
    Price values are cleared when switching between rental vs regular pricing. Price and sort values are mapped to comparable filters when switching between sold and active listing types: price to sold price, created date to sold date.
  • Agent Profile: Pagination clicks jump to top of page
    On agent profile pages, when paging listing results, you now scroll up to the top of the div that contains the results you are paging rather than the top of the page.
  • Bad lot value on featured listing page
    Fixed issues with the display of lot sizes on React listing details pages.
  • Extra commas and # in location returns incorrect results
    Improved IDXv5 search to handle special characters and search on city/state when the search string has commas.
  • Search description disappears when you check “Include Pending”
    The “include pending” cases for both homes for sale and commercial for sale were not being handled by our search description / title components. Updated code on both server side and react side to handle these
  • Agent password reset affects office owner
    Fixed issues with changing non-owner agent passwords via the admin menu.
  • Listing Detail page text overlap
    Listing feature groups were wrapping in strange places when values were long strings of text. This issue has been fixed.
  • Lots and land/commercial listings show NaN acres
    Fixed various formatting issues with lots and land/commercial listings and properties such as lot size.
  • Default blog post has bad macros
    Bad macros were removed from one of our default blog posts
  • Listings missing agent photo
    Fixed various issues with the preparation of agent profiles and their attachment to featured listings in new React IDX searching.
  • Production Style compile uses dev stylesheet
    Fixed a configuration issue with new cloud function based style compilation.
  • Number of agentlinks getting reset during activation
    Fixed bug where the chosen number of agentlinks was not being saved.
  • Handle Removed Listings
    Removed listings now return a 404 response code as well as a short message in the page that says “The requested listing was not found.”
  • Dream Home Finder link broken in Featurette Table
    New office accounts should now have a working “Dream Home Finder” link in the featurette table
  • 500 error on Meet our team page 2
    Fixed an error that could occur on agent roster pages when a profile was configured to link to a non-existent child website.
  • Featured listing page sort filter not working
    Fixed issues with sorting featured listings recently introduced with updates for react templates.
  • Multiple zips breaks SS tool
    The “nearby” functionality returns a different format for zip codes vs the other options. Had to change to take that into account.
  • Unable to use schools in HT email
    The “Schools” frame was showing on the search dialog even though there is no school information in the database for CA-REINFOLINK. I have updated the generation of the dialog so that the “Schools” frame only shows up when there is some school information.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.