Release Notes – 2019.05.30


  • New badges
    Added badges for things like Auction, Foreclosure, and other special conditions
  • Mobile registration benefits
    Mobile view of the simple registration form now includes the “benefits text” at the top instead of hiding it.
  • Modal registration background blur
    Better looking page blur masking effect for when prompted with a registration modal.
  • Map marker clusters
    New map marker “clustering” for when multiple listings share the same lat/lng coordinates – e.g. multiple condos in the same building. When multiple markers are at the same lat/long, we now show a differently styled map marker that can be clicked to open a modal with tiles corresponding to all listings at that location
  • TurboLeads Auto-responses not sending out
    Fixed auto-response emails not sending under certain conditions
  • Alt Text for listing images (new IDX)
    Added alt text to our IDX listing images for better SEO and ADA compliance

Bug Fixes

  • Carousel controls showing when unusable
    When a carousel only has a single result, the arrow controls should disappear since they are not functional. Same for any time all results cards are already on screen (where previous / next controls are not functional)
  • Map does not load if search results have no lat/long
    Map now loads if search results don’t have any lat/long coordinates.
  • Listing missing from results map when lat/lng is duplicated
    Added clustering for listings at nearly identical locations.
  • Long list of navlinks in nav dropdown inaccessible
    When the nav dropdown is too long, we now add a scrollbar inside the dropdown to make all links accessible
  • Open house search parameter did not migrate to IDXv5
    Support migration of saved searches with the open houses parameter from legacy to react templates.
  • Map search back button
    Fixed issues with browser back functionality on react based map search mode.
  • Lead’s saved listings not showing
    Fixed errors viewing registered user’s saved listings introduced by recent code refactoring.
  • 404 error for printable flyer on manual listings
    Fixed the printable flyer link for featured listings on react IDX templates.
  • Multiple Zip Code SS not working
    Fixed problems searching for multiple zip codes caused by recent code changes that fixed location types with commas in the first segment.