Release Notes – 2019.06.13

Release Notes – 2019.06.13

 June 13, 2019


  • Keyword Mapping
    Slowly and steadily, MLS by MLS, we’re adding a richer keyword search experience. It’s still not a “type anything you want” search, but there are a lot more values available. We’re giving priority to the boards used by customers with existing keyword request tickets. We can accommodate customer requests for new values that are present in their IDX data feeds. 14 boards are fully mapped, updated and turned on in the wild:

    • AK-AKMLS
    • AR-JABOR
    • AR-MABOR
    • AZ-PAAR
    • CA-CCAR
    • CO-COMLS
    • OR-RMLS
  • Began IDX Migrations
    Began migrating existing customers to the new IDX templates
    We’ll be testing this with a small subset of customers to see what kind of response we get. We’ll be starting by targeting Agent Pro accounts.

    • Only Pro package accounts (with IDX) can migrate
    • Express packages cannot migrate
    • Offices: all websites (main office site and all child agent sites) must migrate at the same time or none of them at all.
    • This is at no cost – no fee, no price increase. Customers will continue to pay whatever they have been paying.
  • IDX Migration Blog Post
    We’ve published a blog post that talks about what’s new, and answers some FAQs.
  • Saved Search by Location tool – extra validation
    Added validation check on the Search Variations that stops form submission if any are missing a Link Text value
  • Tax Info Block
    A new “taxes” section has been added to the “more info” block of our react IDX (only when there is tax info available in the listing feature data)
  • Custom IDX Search Form Pages
    There is a new page type available for react templates called “Custom IDX Search Pages” which can be used to build more customizable search pages. New accounts will have “Custom IDX Search Pages” in place of the old search pages (quick search, advanced search, etc.). Old accounts will retain their old search pages, but they do have the option to create new “IDX search form” versions at any time
  • Registration Benefits Message Character Limit Warning
    Added warning text to keep the message brief – ideally one sentence.
  • “New Listing” Flag Control
    React templates now provide and support the Listing Display setting to control how long listings are considered new.
  • Dotster email IMAP Integration
    Added support for IMAP integration for email accounts provided by
  • Simple zip
    When searching for zips in react IDX, autocompletes will now offer a “simple zip” option in addition to the current zip/city/state combined results.
  • React app optimizations
    Improved general client side performance of the IDXv5 Map

Bug Fixes

  • Missing price reduced icon
    Increased the window for displaying priced reduced data from 7 days to 30 on new react templates.
  • Update Phone # Link & Text in ckeditor
    Extended the code to handle phone numbers in the same manner as email addresses.
  • Notes not loading for contact
    Deleted excessive event log data for broken contact.
  • Listings flyer issue
    Listing Flyers will now default to account contact info if agent contact info is missing.
  • Payment calculator graphics – Edge browser
    The doughnut chart was overlapping input fields in the Edge browser due to slow media queries. Removed the unnecessary media queries and the problem was resolved
  • Extra circle in radius search
    Fixed multiple circles being drawn in radius search.
  • HTML ampersand in office names on listings
    HTML characters will now be properly decoded in agent and office names on listing details in react templates.
  • Map search bug
    Fixed issues loading full listing details in react IDX contexts where only map view data had been prepared.
  • Hide Estimated Monthly Payments for (Featured Listing) Rentals
    Legacy mapping for type=’Any’. Loading legacy saved searches for display property type of “any” could result in a failed search when client side filtering was engaged.
  • Sq ft display issue
    Updated formatting of lotsize so that sq ft lotsize gets “lot” appended, for clarity
  • Linkout nav headers not opening in new tab
    The option to open linkouts in a new tab was being ignored when the link was in a navigation header. This has been fixed.
  • Polygons disappear when changing tile view
    Polygons now stay when switching between Satellite and Street view
  • Lead assignment glitch
    Agent select form inputs will now properly assign leads to agents even for existing leads, as long as they are currently unassigned.
  • CA-MRMLS showing too many bathrooms
    We missed the case where a bathroom value was originally set, and subsequently set to none. Fixed that case for the next release, and fixed this account immediately.
  • IDX widgets are broken
    Fixed an issue preventing home page react widgets from loading.
  • Adding more subdivisions to search zero’s the results
    Searches for subdivision with nearby locations on react templates were not properly returning results due to missing query builder code. This has been corrected.
  • 500 error on listing display settings for express sites
    Fixed errors on listing display settings screen for Express customers using new react templates.
  • NY-WPMLS apostrophe problem
    Updated the call to translate HTML entities, it’s default is to not handle & apos ;
  • IDX search page type shows on express sites
    Put in protections around this section in the Pages Edit template so that Express accounts will not see the “Custom IDX Search Pages” section. Also added protection from non-react (i.e., idxv3) templates

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.