Release Notes – 2019.07.25

Release Notes – 2019.07.25

 July 25, 2019


  • Prev / Next Listing Option
    You can now iterate through modal listing detail pages when you are in a search results context – buttons for previous and next listing appear in the lower left and right corners (or the upper right for mobile). As you load a detail that exists in another page of results (e.g. page 2), the underlying page of results will change at the same time.
  • Improved Social / Share Options For Listings
    Revised the social share modal on listing details pages. Share button styling improved – it now matches the rest of our React / Bootstrap IDX app. Also added some new share options: 1.) Send SMS (this only shows for devices that support the feature – i.e. iphones) 2.) Copy link to clipboard
  • Allow Hard-coded http:// in edit agent profile
    Updated agent profile to allow for external website linking to both http and https URLs.
  • Don’t allow “accept leads” unless there is a valid “user”
    Updated code to display error message for username/email validation.
  • Signup success message wording
    Updated login success messages to be more friendly.
  • WA-NWMLS IDX Compliance Updates
    New compliance flag added for WA-NWMLS to show disclaimers closer to data on details pages.
  • Send notification when switched to Annual billing
    Added notification email to the “set to annual billing” process. This is sent to the agent, and CCed to accounting

Bug Fixes

  • Listings carousel jittering on mobile
    On mobile devices, you can swipe listing carousels to advance the listing cards, but the auto-scrolling would not stop, so your manual scrolling would be “fighting with” the autoscrolling causing some jerky animations. This has been fixed. Swiping now cancels the auto-scrolling.
  • Testimonial slideshow exposes HTML characters
    Apostrophes, quotes, and other special characters were not being parsed correctly as HTML in the new slideshow widget. This has been fixed
  • Featured listings show when searching by mlsno / address
    Featured listing carousels will no longer show when searching for a specific listing by mls or street address
  • Incorrect records on internal profile save
    Owner agent was getting a “user” agent record added on profile save from internal staff. Implemented a fix to stop creating an extra agent_user record with “user” role when editing an agent who has a role other than “user” (such as owner/admin).
  • Add note in TL when sending bulk email
    Note will be added to leads when sending bulk email
  • Duplicate names on listing flyers
    Agent’s contact info no longer shows duplicate name and profile image now display properly on the printable flyer.
  • Agent info not showing on listings
    Agent profile information will now show on child websites
  • Listing payment calculator not pulling hoa fee
    Payment Calculator includes HOA monthly fees if available. Can now filter on HOA fees as well.
  • Agent profile pages don’t display when no agent roster page
    Agent profile pages will now be visible on the website even when an agent roster page doesn’t exist or is unpublished.
  • Pending listing search not working
    Updated MLS Info table for TN-REALTRACS to represent the fact that pending listings are now available.
  • Search by Location Tool Dropping Partial Location
    The Saved Search by Location control panel tool now uses the centralized search param conversion functions used elsewhere, and thus should produce more predictable results.
  • Unable to add Keyword to SS Housetrack
    The embedded saved search builder in TuboLeads wasn’t loading MLS settings properly, creating issues such as not being able to properly save keyword filters.
  • WA-NWMLS IDXv4 IDX Disclaimer on Map Search Page
    Fixed issues with displaying disclaimers on map search pages for MLSes that require disclaimers above pagination on normal results pages.
  • OR-RMLS Area search causes page error
    The Saved Search by Location control panel tool now uses the centralized search param conversion functions used elsewhere, and thus should produce more predictable results.
  • Can’t create searches for more than 1 MLS number
    Fixed issues with loading saved searches with multiple MLS numbers in the location filter.
  • Housetrack request showing captcha not working
    reCAPTCHA was not getting properly initialized on the fill page version of this form. That is now fixed.
  • 500 error on saved search pages
    Fixed issues loading map area saved searched generated by customer service tools.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.