Release Notes – 2019.10.17


  • Blog Featured Image Options
    You can now disable the “masthead” format for blog post featured images via the main blog settings screen. When disabled, featured blog images display in a smaller format (fixed width and centered along with the rest of the blog post content) We’ve also decreased the height of the “masthead” image format a bit
  • Blog Image Size Optimization
    We now use smaller resized versions of the featured image for card and thumbnail displays rather than using the original (larger file size) image.
  • Show Bootstrap styles in Editor WYSIWYG
    Bootstrap and fontawesome styles are now supported in the CK editor, which should make the WYSIWIG a bit easier to use for many of our new custom content widgets
  • Clickable Titles for Blog List Widget
    Per a customer request, we have adjusted our blog list widget to make titles clickable.

Bug Fixes

  • Blog Comments System
    Fixed some Office / Authentication authentication bugs with the new react-based comment system
  • TL Bulk Compose Email (10+) fails without MailChimp
    Adjusted logic. Selecting 10 or less contacts will use the regular bulk compose and selecting more than 10 uses Mailchimp.
  • Errors When Deleting Office Agent
    Fixed error when deleting admin agents. Added double confirmation when deleting own agent profile.
  • Getting activity notices despite being turned off
    Bug fix for turning off website activity notifications.
  • Page titles not handling apostrophes
    New react routed page titles weren’t properly decoding HTML entities.
  • Blog not offering og image
    Fixed an issue with new react routed blog pages not having proper open graph tags for Facebook sharing.
  • Blog page content not loading
    Fixed an issue where quickly navigating from a blog results page to a blog details page under react router would fail to load correctly.
  • Option to turn off blog comments does not work
    We’ve updated our new blog comments component to honor the “disable comments” option.
  • Blog settings ‘items per page’ doesn’t work
    The “posts per page” item will no longer show for non-react templates (i.e., EliteV5)
    Put in a fix for finding sold listings – with no sold data (sold date and price), this query was failing. Fix to handle this case put in place for the next release (10/17)
  • Site cloning: wrong AMP Page settings
    Added handling for the cloning of the AgentSite record to copy the target’s name and phone number into the AMP settings for the new site.