Release Notes – 2019.10.31

Release Notes – 2019.10.31

 October 31, 2019


  • New AMP pages for Blog
    Both the main blog page and individual blog posts now have AMP versions. The AMP page styling for Saved Search pages has also been updated to better match our new idx styling.
  • Split login/signup buttons
    The new react based templates have been changed back to use 2 separate buttons for Login and Sign Up.
  • New Page Layouts
    You can now change your page layout on a per page basis. Page layouts can be edited from the “Pages” tab in edit mode. Default page layouts have been added to every account and all their pages of various content types have been mapped to one of these defaults. Each layout can be edited with options for:
    • Full width (fluid)
      Or else fixed-width, centered content that changes responsively depending on viewport size
    • No padding
      (for when you want your already full width page content to run up all the way flush to the edge) – IDX listing results pages use this for example. This is not recommended for pages with headings or custom content, since that content generally needs to be spaced out from the edges.
    • Include sidebar
      Uses the widgets defined in your subpage sidebar. This sidebar widget set is always the same (you can’t yet set different sets per layout). The side column is always shown on the left hand side.

      Note that all of the Saved Search and Featured listings pages use the “Listings” page layout by default. Edit that layout to update all of those pages of the same type at once.
  • Create AMP rendering for Blog Pages
    You can now see Amp pages for the “my-blog” page and for individual blog posts.
  • New Blog Routes
    Enhanced and fixed react routing for blog content.
  • KS-HMLS “Allow CX to Display their listings first” Compliance
    The “feature listings at the top of results” setting for websites using react templates will now properly respect MLS compliance flags that disable that feature.
  • IRMLS IDXv5 Listing Source
    A “Source Attribution Alias” field was added to MLS info to allow representing MLSs as something other than their true name.
  • Update AMP Header and Nav
    Updated our AMP Header and Navigation to look more like our Elitev5 templates. The newly redesigned header and nav are shared across all AMP content (AMP blog page, AMP blog posts, AMP saved search pages)
  • Revamp AMP saved search pages
    AMP saved search pages were starting to look very dated, so we have updated them to look more like Elitev5

Bug Fixes

  • Irrelevant blog post: mello-roos
    New accounts will no longer have our default blog post about mello roos (CA only topic)
  • Separate Log In and Sign Up buttons
    We’ve brought back the 2 button combination for account login/signin. There are now separate buttons for each of these: Log In Sign Up
  • Mobile nav menu hover
    Mobile Nav no longer responds to mouse hover events, which was visually jarring for desktop users on small screens
  • Admin users not being notified for new unassigned leads
    Notifications for “New unassigned leads” and “All lead assignments” will now include Admins who have those settings enabled.
  • Blog post link error
    Blog post links with Facebook link data were causing excessively slow load times for the blog post data on React templates.
  • Share options in new react blog
    A “share this post” button has been added that launches a modal window with all the different sharing options
  • Lead auto-responses pulling from old agents website
    Fix for notifications and auto response emails using old agent’s info. The account owner contact for non-office accounts. This bug affected accounts that downgraded from an Office account to an Agent account.
  • Mailchimp integration error
    The Mailchimp integration setting page will now continue to be accessible when the Mailchimp account has been deactivated/suspended on their end, complete with error message display.
  • Main nav should be non-sticky on listing details
    Main Nav was covering non-modal listing details pages. This is now fixed.
  • Map search page link not showing
    Cleaned up the list of “pages in site” so that map search shows up, and other improvements.
  • Elitev5 SS Pages missing AMP
    Fixed AMP implementation for websites on react templates.
  • Blog page not showing any posts
    Blog posts were not properly loading in results view for some customers on react websites.
  • Benign Mailchimp errors sprevent contact list synchronization
    Only Mailchimp API authentication errors will prevent contact synchronization. Non-authentication errors will continue to be displayed when they are caught.
  • Alter Trestle/Grid categories in MLS Info for Get Forms dropdown
    The MLS info interface will no longer automatically delete uploaded MLS forms when another form source is selected.
  • Blog amp page css map files – error in logs
    Updated osxwatch to enable specifying less files that won’t get matching map files when generating css files. To use it, you just add the filename to config > target > filesNoMap in osxwatch > grunt > less.js.
  • Non-modal listings open in IDXv3 format
    Fixed issues with beta flags

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.