Release Notes – 2020.03.12

Release Notes – 2020.03.12

 March 12, 2020


  • New Accessibility Menu — Coming Soon!
    There are a number of tickets below that reference a new Accessibility Menu and it’s various features. This is NOT going live today. We want to get it right, and are taking extra time to review and test it. We’re also finalizing an FAQ’s document on the topic of Accessibility and ADA Compliance so we can be clear and consistent with our communication. More to come on this in the near future.
  • IDX Keywords Update
    We are very close to having ALL of our IDX feeds mapped for common keywords – terms like “55+ Community”, and “Waterfront”. The keywords filter serves as an important catch-all. It allows us to use a consistent UI to most MLS boards while still giving them a powerful way to search on their own unique data. If a customer wants to search on a new that we don’t support yet, and that field/value is in their MLS feed, we can usually accommodate them – and mapping a new keyword is often the best solution. Keyword mapping for one-off terms like this can usually be live within a few weeks and is not dependent on our normal release cycle. Note that when an MLS changes their protocols – like from RETS to GRID – we have to go in and remap all the keywords. Usually this will only affect NEW listings. Keyword searches will continue to work for older listings but not work for new listings until the re-mapping is complete. If an MLS feed changes the mls numbers of the listings themselves, keyword searching for all listings may be down until re-mapping is finished. This can happen sometimes when MLS feeds get merged or consolidated into a master feed.
  • ADA: heart icon high contrast focused state
    The focused state of the heart icon now matches the hovered state: opacity is set to 1 and size is increased. Also the focus state outline glow will match that of the primary button color.
  • ADA: high contrast color mode
    In the new accessibility menu UI, there is a button that turns on high contrast mode. When enabled, this mode changes theme colors as needed just enough to ensure WCAG2.1 (AA level) contrast for the website.
  • ADA: idx filters
    Fixed some keyboard-only navigation issues with our IDX filters (added aria-roles where appropriate for better keyboard support)
  • ADA: stop animations mode
    The stop animation mode will stop any PAGE INITIATED animations. i.e. things that auto-play. This includes carousels, slideshows, scroll-spy animations, and any video embeds set to autoplay (like our video banners). This is NOT a global kill switch for USER INITIATED animations. The intent here is to give users complete manual control over when to start and stop animations. For some things like our banner background videos, this switch will be their only method of control.
  • Center logo on listing pages
    Per a customer’s suggestion, we now center the company logo on listing details pages.
  • TN-REALTRACS pool keywords broken
    Fixed issues with keyword mapping for TN-REALTRACS that resulted from a change in data access methods.
  • KS-HMLS keywords
    Added horse related keyword searches for KS-HMLS on react templates.
  • ADA: store accessibility options
    Using redux store to keep track of current enabled accessibility options
  • ADA: Accessibility Menu icon options
    There is a single setting to show/hide the accessibility menu icon, defaulted to show for all accounts. For now it is always primary color and in the lower left hand corner.
  • WI-SCWMLS 55 and over
    Keywords searches are now available on react templates for WI-SCWMLS.
  • MN-RMLS Keywords need remapping due to GRID WebAPI change
    Remapped and rebuilt MN-RMLS keywords after the MLS changed data formats.
  • AZ-WARDEX body type keywords
    AZ-WARDEZ accounts on react templates should how have keywords searches available for several mobile home types.
  • MN-RMLS Waterfront Fields
    Fixed keyword searches (including waterfront) for MN-RMLS after the MLS changed data formats.

Bug Fixes

  • Beds / Baths button groups overflowing content
    When our beds/baths filters were in a narrow side-column, then were overflowing their container and overlapping the main content. This has been fixed.
  • 500 error on charges
    Downgrade code didn’t know about the new credit (SI-IEW-WAIVE-SURCHARGE…). This has been fixed.
  • Contact notes oops error
    Cleaned up oversized contact data.
  • Manual features not showing on listings
    A recent code cleanup caused manually entered featured listings to stop displaying additional feature details. This has been corrected.
  • Housetrack photos broken in Yahoo! Mail
    A recent change to Yahoo’s mail parsing made our HouseTrack photo’s fail to render properly in Yahoo! Mail. We have rewritten our HouseTrack markup to address this change.
  • IDXv3 search not saving parameter when editing
    Edit dialog was not handling “SOLD Date” search param correctly. Fixed.
  • RSS Validation error in content we can not edit
    Fixed issues with bad characters preventing validation of blog RSS feeds.
  • RSS blog error
    Fixed additional issues with special characters breaking validation for blog RSS feeds.
  • Broken blog page
    Fixed certain cases where bad characters could break the display of blog results pages on react templates.
  • MI-MIREALSOURCE water_front keyword issues
    Fixed keyword searches for “waterfront” in MI-MIREALSOURCE on react templates.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.