Release Notes – 2020.07.30

Release Notes – 2020.07.30

 July 30, 2020


  • There is a new beta flag that allows child websites in an office package to upgrade to react even though their parent office website is still legacy. This will help speed the adoption of our new react-based templates. Previously, both the parent office site and all of its child sites had to be the same. When the beta flag is turned on for the parent office account:
    • All new child sites on that account going forward are forced to be react websites
    • CSR level users will be able to migrate existing legacy child sites on that account to react (the agent can’t do this for themselves)
    • All child sites must be migrated to react before the office website is migrated.
  • We’ve been busy on the Market Reports beta, including a “Places API” to autocomplete on any address (not just listings). This is still protected behind a beta flag and we’ll be testing it in production after the release.


  • Separate name info
    Added the lead’s first and last names to the notification email meta data header as ‘lead_first_name’ and ‘lead_last_name’ respectively.
  • Update CP search to look for Owner profile email
    Extended generated SQL to search in the Owner Profile record email field as well as the primary email field.
  • Listings with no price, estimated mortgage calculator
    Added helpful text when mortgage calculator shows zero values, prompting the user to enter a home value
  • Market Reports: registration settings
    Added an admin menu teaser option for market reports, also added the ability to edit the registration benefits text for all 3 teaser types (listings, blog, market reports)
  • FL-MID Church Search
    Added “church” keyword search term to FL-MID on react templates.
  • Incorrect Help Docs references to Group Assignment
    Removed references to unimplemented features in help text.
  • TypeError in color_picker.js
    Cleaned up a non-volatile javascript error in the color picker library.
  • New Testdrive created on legacy template
    Requests to preselect legacy templates in the testdrive process will now be ignored — new sites must now be built on react templates.
  • Create blacklist for common security attack URI fragments
    URI that only occur in attempted security attacks will now be more quickly and efficiently blocked.
  • Undefined index: __amp_source_origin in error logs
    Added better handling for malformed requests for amp pages.
  • Handle missing users more gracefully in PublicServiceController Added better handling for error cases when building saved searches for contacts in TurboLeads.
  • Handle missing edit_mode variable more gracefully in web/home/
    Cleaned up rare errors when editing banners.
  • WebEmbed requests should be 404 errors, not 500
    Requesting deprecated embed widgets will now return 404 errors rather than 500.
  • OR-RMLS keywords
    Added several new keyword search terms to OR-RMLS on react templates.
  • Undefined index error in housetrack function
    Improved handling of missing id in housetrack requests.
  • Error building url for blog posts without post id
    Fixed a rare issue in loading blog post pages.
  • NC-CMLS waterfront
    Improved the accuracy of the “waterfront” keyword search term for NC-CMLS on react templates.
  • MS-GCAOR new construction field
    Added “New Construction” keyword search term to MS-GCAOR on react templates.
  • FL-MID high rise
    Added “High rise” keyword search term to FL-MID on react templates.
  • HouseTrack Emails showing active listings as sold
    Updated the code that fills the sale summary report so that upgrades will appear in the report (they weren’t “finished” before), and that surcharge amounts will be tallied and added to the report when MLSes that have surcharges are on an account.
  • Site still using deprecated IDXPro SearchController
    Fixed errors that occurred when attempting to load deprecated IDXPro sites.
  • Undefined index error (“bedrooms”) in contact form
    Fixed errors loading “Schedule a Showing” forms on legacy templates.
  • Error loading session values in ListingSearch
    Fixed errors when trying to load missing session data.
  • Saved search page – show placeholder meta description
    When editing a saved search page, it now shows the fallback meta description as a “placeholder” value. This value changes dynamically with the currently selected search params.
  • New beta flag to force child react sites
    New tools have been added to assist in the migration of accounts from legacy to react templates.
  • Error in ListingSearchUtility building boundary queries
    Fix errors loading saved searches for counties that had incomplete data.
  • Undefined index error in ListingSearchController loading saved searches
    Fixed issues with loading featured listing detail when viewed listing details from a IDX search context.
  • ReactWebsite throwing non-object access error
    Fixed various undefined object and index errors that could occur rarely when prepping content for react websites.
  • Undefined object error in PageController setting up article pages
    Fixed errors when trying to load non existent legacy article pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Parallax Pro Template Nav Height
    The nav height was not updating properly on scroll when no logo was included in the header. This has been fixed.
  • Featured listing sorting (auto-updated vs manual)
    Fixed default sort options for featured listings
  • Housetracks including pending when they shouldn’t
    Adjusted Housetrack generation to better reflect the status selections in the sa saved search definition.
  • Undefined index: meta_description_placeholder in SS page creation
    Fixed issues with creating saved search pages introduced by new features on the associated edit screen.
  • Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getEditor’ of undefined
    Fixed a javascript error on the Housetrack settings screen.

Kevin Ashley

By Kevin Ashley

Kevin is a Web Developer and Marketing Expert for iHOUSEweb. He has a degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and he specializes in front end web development, web advertising, and web analytics. Kevin works closely with real estate agents all over the US, and he helps to communicate their needs to the team of Software Engineers at iHOUSEweb.