Release Notes – 2020.08.13

Release Notes – 2020.08.13

 August 13, 2020


  • Market Reports – Official BETA Release
    With this release, our new Market Reports feature is now officially in BETA – here’s what that means:
    • During this BETA period, we will be testing live, fixing and adding enhancements as needed.
    • The feature is live, but hidden behind a “MarketReports” beta flag, that can be enabled on a per account basis. (The customer can’t enable this for themselves, we have to do it for them)
    • You are welcome to turn it on now for any customers that are interested.
    • The feature is ONLY available with our new react templates.
  • New Market Report Pages
    These are dynamically generated pages – like IDX search results. Meta titles and descriptions are generated automatically based on what neighborhood you are looking at.Features include a market hotness meter, comps (recently sold listing results), and links to other nearby market report locations.
    • By default, this page will prompt for registration so our customers can capture seller leads.
  • Market Report section on listing details
    There is a listing display option to turn this new section ON/OFF. These sections give a snapshot of the market(s) that a listing is in, with links to the full market report pages for each.
  • Market Report search widget
    The widget let’s website visitors type in their address and automatically takes them to a market report page that matches their neighborhood or zip.


  • Duplicate leads from Zillow
    Deleting a contact through bulk or individually will now unmark a duplicating email/phone record for a non-deleted contact, freeing it up to be used on that contact.
  • Market report pages: helmet/meta tags
    Market report pages now have dynamically generated title and meta descriptions.
  • Market report – handling empty data values
    Better handling of NULL and NaN values in market reports. Null values are plotted as ZEROs in the chart, and NULL / NaN values are displayed as N/A in the main market report stats component
  • Elitev5 Banner Images Alt Text
    Assigned default Alt Text to our banner images for improved accessibility scores.
  • Coming Soon needs to display listing_date
    Added support for an MLS compliance flag that will force the display of listing date along with the coming soon status.
  • HAS_is_coming_soon
    Added support for tracking the availability of coming soon data on a per MLS basis.
  • HAS_listing_date
    Added support for tracking the availability of listing date data on a per MLS basis.
  • SC-TRIDENT pool keyword
    Improved the accuracy of the “pool” keyword search term for SC-TRIDENT on react templates.
  • Visitor Registration UI Changes
    We’ve made several changes to the “Visitor Registration” Admin screen to help reduce user confusion. We now front load the Registration Form card, our advanced benefits text fields now have a consistent styling options UI (via the CK editor). Less frequently used settings have been moved to the bottom of the screen ( GDPR and Social options). Registration preview modal styling has been fixed, and the preview icon has been added to ALL advanced settings sections.

Bug Fixes

  • Undefined index error loading About Us page
    Fixed a rare error that could occur when attempting to prepare custom content pages on react templates.
  • Oops error when viewing lead
    Lead events (notes) will now be loaded in chunks instead of all at once.
  • Undefined baths_full on contact_agents template
    Fixed an error where missing data could break the schedule a showing form on legacy templates.
  • ReactIDX calling array_shift with bad arguments
    Fixed issues loading saved searches that included oddly formatted for the “stories” field.
  • AjaxAuthSearchController accessing index even when empty
    Fixed an error that occurred in rare circumstances when trying unsave listings.
  • Error in contact agent form
    Fixed an error that could occur in rare circumstances processing schedule a showing forms on react templates.
  • Error on legacy listing tile template
    Fixed an error when viewing saved listings on legacy templates under rare circumstances.
  • WebUserController accessing non object in register function
    Improved error reporting when an account is missing a registration form.
  • Pets Allowed keyword is in a broken transitional state
    Fixed a confusing situation where multiple implementations of the “Pets allowed” keyword search were active at once.
  • Unable to search for child sites
    The generated SQL has been fixed to find child accounts. Please check multiple search scenarios, this is a pretty complicated function.
  • Map marker opens Listing Modal with extra header padding
    Fixed a bug that caused the listing modal to include extra header padding
  • Lead import update failing
    Full name fields will now be considered when merging names during CSV import when the “Merge and Update existing data” flag is selected.
  • Registration follow up form – turbolead warnings
    Form fields with the same label used the same key value causing child conflicts. Keys are now unique, child conflict resolved.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.