Release Notes – 2020.09.10

Release Notes – 2020.09.10

 September 10, 2020


  • Market Reports
    • A new "Market Report Page" (the published version comparable to Saved Search pages) that lets you add custom content above and below the market report.
    • New checkbox on the close notes page of the Signup process, for any customers that want to opt-out of market reports for their build-outs.
  • Link Generators
    There are new link types in both the Navigation editing page, and from within custom content widgets/pages. These allow you to quickly link to either IDX Search Results or a Market Report.
  • User Pages
    These user pages (available after someone logs in) now open as modal pages by default and allow for quick tabbing between them:
    • user account
    • user saved searches
    • user saved listings
  • New IDX Filters
    Now available for MLSs that provide us with this data.
    • listings with Virtual Tours
    • listings with Virtual Open Houses
  • Other Highlights
    • Misc keywords for various IDX feeds.
    • Turboleads / Mailchimp syncing cleanup
    • Banner editing UI cleanup


  • Improved Banner Edit UI
    We have streamlined the banner editing interface, eliminating the old “choose your accent image” screen that was causing extra friction and confusion. Also added the ability to select multiple file manager images all at once.
  • Market Statistics Request
    Old feature request ticket - now fulfilled
  • Market Report Pages
    Old feature request ticket - now fulfilled.
  • Filter by "has virtual open house", "has virtual tour"
    Added search filters for "Has virtual tour" and open house type (virtual vs in person) on react templates.
  • Banner editing instructions
    Revised banner editing help text to better describe the new UI
  • Mailchimp communication with TL
    Cleaned (hard bounced) or unsubscribed emails from Mailchimp will be updated accordingly in TurboLeads.
  • Issue with mass mailing in Turboleads
    After queuing a bulk email to send through Mailchimp, the note will be added to the leads in the background.
  • NM-SFAOR keyword: Adobe construction
    Added "adobe" keyword search term to NM-SFAOR on react templates.
  • CA-BAK inground pool
    Added "In ground pool" keyword search term to CA-BAK on react templates.
  • AZ-ARMLS Add 'Fix Up Needs Repair' Keyword
    Added "Fixer Upper" keyword search term to AZ-ARMLS on react templates.
  • Signup: checkbox DOES NOT want Market Reports
    We've provided means for new accounts to opt out of market reports
  • Nav link generators for IDX Results and Market Reports
    When editing your main navigation, you can add direct links to idx search results and market reports URLs.
  • Market report custom content link generator
    The link dialog in CKEditor not has options to create IDX Search and Market Report links. Only available for react websites with IDX.
  • Market Reports - Require Registration by Default
    Required regisration when viewing market reports is now the default for all accounts
  • MWS Spam Detection - False Positives
    Updated spam detection logic on our marketing website to avoid false positives
  • React User Cleanup
    User pages now open in modals by default. Added tabs as subnav.

Bug Fixes

  • New Mailchimp account syncs over account email
    TurboLeads will not ignore email address that belong to agents, when syncing with Mailchimp.
  • archived mailchimp contacts sync as new leads
    Deleting a contact from TurboLeads will sync to Mailchimp, automatically archiving the contact.
  • tags not syncing to mailchimp
    Contact tags are now synced up to Mailchimp when the contact is updated. Only the tags/statues that are configured to sync will be synced.
  • “Retain the original aspect ratio” graphics problem
    A graphics issue cropped up for the “Retain the original aspect ratio” listing display setting. The background image was supposed to have a nice blur effect, but at some point we lost this. This has been restored
  • Market Reports - comparison text shows when values missing
    The text that compares a neighborhood to its parent city will only show if both the neighborhood and city have values to compare (sold date and days on market)
  • Gallery Widget selectable from content list.
    The deprecated gallery widget is no longer selectable.
  • TurboLeads not syncing contact tag updates to Mailchimp
    Contact tags and statuses will now sync to Mailchimp when they are added/removed/updated as long as they are defined as syncing on the Mailchimp integration page.
  • Market Report: TypeError: Cannot read property 'key' of undefined
    Fixed an issue that could occur when viewing market reports where a secondary city location was not available.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.