Release Notes – 2020.10.22

Release Notes – 2020.10.22

 October 22, 2020


  • New IDX setting for pending
    The definition of "pending" differs between MLSs and agents. We define pending as 1. under contract and 2. no longer taking backup offers or showing the property. This new setting allows individual accounts to choose instead to "define any under contract listing as pending" for search purposes, effectively filtering them out from normal active listing searches. This definition will also affect search restrictions if they have chosen to exclude pending listings.
  • New badges
    Additionally, we are now showing badges for "Under Contract" and "Backups" on listings, so even if the agent does not use the above setting, you can now more easily differentiate these when mixed in with other "active" listings.
  • MLS Info - disclaimers
    Support now has greater control over MLS disclaimers. The copyright notice that we previously automatically inserted is now part of the editable disclaimer body.
  • MLS Info - no logo option
    Support can now mark MLSs as having no logo - which will remove the logo both from listing cards and from the disclaimer. If the MLS requires us to use the "Broker Reciprocity" logo, then that should be uploaded AS the logo.
  • Market Report Leads - capture more info
    We now pass along more of the contextual info for leads captured from Market Report pages, including the address they entered (if they came from a market report search widget). And Market Report page views are reported as website activity.
  • Performance Optimizations for large sites
    React websites with large numbers of pages (500+) were having performance problems affecting site navigation. There is now a caching layer in place to mitigate this.



  • Don't show Pending Flag for Under Contract / Backups
    Recent changes should allow customers to have better control over filtering of under contract listings.
  • AZ-ARMLS - Under Contract Backups flag
    Recent changes should allow AZ-ARMLS customers to have better control over filtering of under contract listings.
  • CO-COMLS map 'active under contract' as a pending status
    Recent changes should allow CO-COMLS customers to have better control over filtering of under contract listings.
  • Market Reports lead capture and classification
    “Viewed a Market Report” has been added as an activity item in the TurboLeads “recent activity” card. It displays the market / neighborhood, and if the Market Report search form was used, we show the entered address as well
  • TX-HLBOR - Question about Pending-Taking Back Up
    Recent changes should allow TX-HLBOR customers to have better control over filtering of under contract listings.
  • UT-WFMLS map under contract as pending
    Recent changes should allow UT-WFMLS customers to have better control over filtering of under contract listings.
  • Featured location defaults
    Additional infrastructure additions for upcoming featured location system.
  • Featured_location db changes
    Additional infrastructure additions for upcoming featured location system.
  • Add compliance flag to remove reciprocity logo on thumbnails
    Tied in directly to the disclaimer - new checkbox there.
  • New agent option for definition of pending
    Added an agent option to define "under contract" listings as pending, as well as listing badges for "under contract" and "backups."
  • NY boards - New Amendment to Advertising Regulations
    New MLS compliance flag to use "Listing by" as the attribution prefix/heading. React websites only.
  • Banner Folder in the File Manager
    File manager now includes an empty banner folder by default, which can (optionally) be used to store banner image files.
  • HI-HISMLS Quote marks in description
    Added additional cleanup for bad and poorly encoded characters in listing descriptions.
  • Improved testdrive creation speed
    In dev, we’ve made an optimization for testdrives that takes that time down to under 2 seconds per, which should translate to more savings in production. We also removed the 3 second pause for now.

Bug fixes

  • Responsive Tables
    At some point, our tables lost their mobile responsiveness. This has been fixed.
  • AMP page for blog post is not showing changes
    Confirmed that editing the blog content did not trigger a re-build of the AMP version of the blog page. This has been fixed for the stage release.
  • Agent website - contact me modal error
    Cleaned up javascript error
  • 500 Error on edit mode
    Fixed a 500 error when trying to edit an Express account that had saved searches when it downgraded from Pro.
  • Error creating housetrack emails
    Fixed issues with saved search creation in TurboLeads introduced by recent changes related to Express accounts.
  • Purchase Form errors
    Fixed issues with the activation process that resulted from cleaning up deprecated authentication code.
  • Idxv4 mobile navigation issue
    Fixed a bug where the wrong navigation link was being shown as “selected”
  • Error adding agent
    Problem was in not having a default value to use when creating a url slug on a blank value (in this case, the new agent's name was empty because it was new). Added default value for sluggify function.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

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