Release Notes – 2020.11.05

Release Notes – 2020.11.05

 November 5, 2020


  • New favicon editing
    In the Branding page of the Admin Menu, you can now choose a custom favicon for your website using the file manager.
  • Negative Keywords filter
    New options that allow for NOT searches - e.g. NOT a 55+ community.
  • Package Upgrade Setup Fees
    Package upgrade setup charges are now handled the same as activations. Same setup charge amounts, same promo options available.


  • TX-ABOR keywords redo
    Keyword search lookup tables have been rebuilt for TX-ABOR after a data format change deprecated previous data.
  • FL-FLAGLER pool keyword not returning result
    Updated "Pool" keyword search term for FL-FLAGLER on react templates.
  • MO-TBOR vacation rental
    Added "vacation rental" keyword search term to MO-TBOR on react templates.
  • FL-FLAGLER - Add Keyword fully fenced
    Added "Fully Fenced" keyword search term to FL-FLAGLER on react templates.
  • FL-FLAGER private pool
    Keyword search term "Private Pool" added to FL-FLAGLER on react templates.
  • CA-MRMLS anti senior community search
    Added new advanced options to the keywords filter on react templates; when opened, users can now search for all or any keywords combined, as well as the absence of all or any keywords.
  • AR1075983 - MN-RMLS more waterfront keywords
    Added "deeded access" keyword search term to MN-RMLS on react templates.
  • Add new fields for under contract features
    Featured listings now support "under contract" and "taking backups" listing properties added to MLS listings in the previous release.
  • Setup charges for upgrades
    To test: a) create AgentPro account (activated). Use the Admin menu to upgrade the account to office, check charges b) create AgentPro account (activated). Use the Control Panel "change package" link to upgrade. Check charges Charge for upgrade should be the full ACCOUNT STARTUP CHARGE amount for the new package. Credit can be added during the Admin menu upgrade process, or in the Charges screen.
  • Rework recommended options db storage
    Simplified the mechanics for building and storing recommend locations for the react idx search form.
  • Restore map location toggle button
    In saved search edit pages, instead of always showing the map location options, they are now correctly hidden behind a "Map Location" toggle button (like they were before).
  • CA-CRISNET Disclaimer
    Updated the manner in which the "Last Updated" information is displayed and managed in disclaimers.

Bug fixes

  • Listing details agent card contact links not opening
    Certain mailto and tel links now work correctly
  • TL emails double spacing
    Changed the editing mode of CKEDITOR. Each new line represented by a single BR tag.
  • Second result page broken
    Fixed case where featured listings would not paginate correctly
  • FL-CCBOR pool keyword
    Improved accuracy of the "pool" keyword search term for FL-CCBOR.
  • Hide agent attribution on listing results card
    If the MLS does not require attributions on listing cards, then we will not show it even if the listing belongs to one of the agents in the office - UNLESS the option to show an agent photo on the card is also true. In this case, we need to reserve the extra vertical space, so that when the card is flipped, there is room for all of the agent information.
  • View full market report links not on listing detail pages
    Fixed issues building links on market reports.
  • Market Report dead link
    Fixed issues building links on market reports.
  • Bulk import redirects
    Improved error handling in control panel custom redirect import tool.
  • Undefined index errors in PageController
    Fixed errors loading nav data introduced by recent code changes.
  • Under contract flag not showing on featured listings
    Featured listings now support "under contract" and "taking backups" listing properties added to MLS listings in the previous release.
  • MLS Info logo upload broken
    added handling for transparency in the MLS icon upload
  • Cannot create SS page with sold listings
    Handled a bug in PHP 5.6 that was trashing MLS Numbers in saved searches

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.