Release Notes – 2020.11.19

Release Notes – 2020.11.19

 November 19, 2020


  • New Flip Cards Widget
    Instead of using custom content to create the flip cards, we now have an official widget that will allow for better control and future maintenance.

  • Market Reports - New Simple Zip Option
    Turning on the simple zip option will force market report searches to always take you to the simple zip version of the market report. e.g. 95835. Why this matters:

    • By default, when using the Market Report Search, we attempt to match a specified address to the closest matching neighborhood, zip, or city. These locations also contain city and state. e.g. 95835, Sacramento, CA. Then in the market report page for that location, we also pull the market report for the city and add it as a second tab, and make comparisons between the zip or neighborhood to its containing city.
    • The PROBLEM is that the address search uses a different data set than the MLS. This is necessary, since we need to search ALL addresses, not just the addresses of listings in the MLS data. Sometimes there is a data mismatch - and it may place the zip in the "wrong" city. e.g. 95835, Natomas, CA. Since in the MLS data, this zip is not in this city, there are no results, and the market report page looks broken.
    • Turning on the simple zip option will force the search to always take you to the simple zip version of the market report. e.g. 95835. This almost always matches in both data sets. However, by turning this on you lose the "comparison" features since there is no longer any city context.



  • Include Custom widget name in activity log
    Improved the amount of detail in logging when editing widgets.
  • Mirror fees not removed when child site deleted
    When deactivating a website, if there is an attached domain mirror charge, that will now be deleted.
  • FL-RAMB waterfront keyword issue
    Keyword search lookup tables for FL-RAMB were rebuilt after data changes deprecated previous mappings.
  • FL-RAMB pool problems
    Keyword search lookup tables for FL-RAMB were rebuilt after data changes deprecated previous mappings.
  • FL-MID saltwater access keyword
    Keyword search term "saltwater access" added to FL-MID on react templates.


Bug fixes

  • Listing manager not updating (rental listings)
    The "deactivate listings" process now takes agent and office codes into account when trying to determine if a listing is still active. This will catch an off case where a listing gets moved to a different agent and it's no longer appropriate that the listing show up for the "original" agent. This is likely tricky to test.
  • Homepage will not load
    Fixed an issue with saved search loading introduced by a recent related change.
  • 85225 Market Report Nearby Markets Zip Code/City errors
    A new option has been added to the search defaults admin screen is available to use simple zips rather than zip, city, state combos for market reports.
  • HOA value not showing on featured listing pages
    Featured listings will now import HOA data from MLS source data that provides it for a more consistent experience in the react payment calculator between featured listings and MLS search results.
  • Printable flyer on featured listings for express legacy sites throws no MLS loaded errors
    Fixed an error that could occur when loading the printable flyer format of a featured listing on an express account on a legacy template.
  • Blog archive action throwing undefined index error
    Improved error handling for bad arguments on the legacy blog archives page.
  • Legacy IDX map not showing
    E-released 11/13. Legacy maps now render again.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.