Release Notes – 2021.03.18

Release Notes – 2021.03.18

 March 18, 2021


  • Featured Locations
    • NEW: You can now add Listing Search Form blocks to featured location pages.
    • NEW: Nav Links blocks - you can now either define custom links or choose to inherit the links from the featured location context. There is a new "format" control with options: "inline" (horizontal), "vertical" or "columns" to automatically distribute them into equal columns, filling the space. And there is now a text alignment control.
    • Changed infrastructure to allow for possibly featuring "custom" locations in the future - things like "Lakes" that aren't currently supported by the main location filter (omnibox).
    • Listings blocks now show a special "empty" state for when there are no results, that encourages users to modify their search or set up housetrack alerts.
    • Default Featured Location Links - this section has been removed since we were not using it. In practice, we always have each individual page manage its own links and do not share them.
  • MLS "Sold" Feed Cleanup
    For various reasons in the past we created separate copies of feeds to handle sold listings. These copies were marked with an "S" at the end - e.g. "OH-TOLEDOS". We've eliminated these and instead consolidated the sold listings back into their respective main feeds. There are a few rare cases in which there are extra fees required to access the sold data. The MLSInfo section will call these out. For now, an engineering ticket will need to be created to handle these cases. For all other cases, they will now behave in the same way as any other idx feed containing sold data. This affects the following boards:
    • FL-BCAOR | Central Panhandle Association of Realtors®
    • TX-BRYAN | Bryan College Station Regional Association of REALTORS®
    • NC-TRIANGLES | Triangle MLS
    • IL-MYMLS | State Listings, Inc.
    • MI-JMLS | Jackson Area Association of REALTORS®
    • NJ-NJMLS | New Jersey MLS
    • OH-TOLEDO | Toledo Board of REALTORS® (NORIS)
    • OK-CMAOR | MLSOK, Inc.


  • Post Sales Automation Report Extend Deadline Adjustment
    A note is now required when extending phase task deadlines.
  • CA-SFMLS Keywords need updating
    Keyword search lookup tables for CA-SFMLS after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • CA-SACMLS Keywords
    Keyword search lookup tables for CA-SACMLS were rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • Listing Results blocks - loading/empty states
    When results are empty, show placeholder cards prompting the user to try modifying their search - where they can set up listing alerts.
  • Generic Carousel animation timing
    Significant rewrite to our generic carousel code, improving performance and fixing bugs (applies to listing carousels, testimonial carousels, blog carousels etc)
  • Consolidate "SOLD" MLS feeds with their non-sold brothers
  • Featured Locations indexed by id
    Change the way that featured locations are referenced to allow for possible future expansion and inclusion of things like School Districts, Lakes, Golf Courses, etc.
  • Disconnect mailchimp from old account
    Removed the mailchimp linkage from the old account.
  • Prominent “pets allowed” field for rental listings
    The “pets allowed” field has been moved to the top section of rental listing details where it is more prominent
  • Hide Default Featured Location Links
    Keeping it simple - removing a feature that we don't use
  • Help Article: What browsers do you support?
  • File manager: info window open by default
  • New Close Notes Fields - Not Correlating to the Sales Summary
  • Idx search form block
    Allow featured location pages to add an "idx search form" block as page content.
  • Csr notes: empty locations: better validation error text
  • Featured Location: Nav Links Block: generic links, other formats
    Nav Links blocks (on Featured Location pages) can now either define their own custom links or inherit the links from the featured location context. There is a new "format" control with options: "inline" (horizontal), "vertical" or "columns" to automatically distribute them into equal columns, filling the space. And there is now a text alignment control.

Bug fixes

  • Fix for Styling Engine "Double-Save" Bug
    We've been experiencing a nagging intermittent issue when trying to save styling engine changes. Fixed now.
  • Styling engine saves work intermittently
  • Update meta tag profile option not working
    Fixed CSR tool for generating meta tags when used for agents with multiple websites associated with them.
  • White text on dark background styling conflicts
    Some of our new pages and components had styling issues when the global body default is set to white text on a dark background. This has been corrected
  • Palette Tool Broken
    Fixed issues with style compilation
  • Larger listing image pop-up broken
  • Deleted featured location still has nav link
    Delete nav links when featured locations are deleted.
  • 500 error when cards widget selected on non-react site
    When a non-react template is active, cards widgets are no longer selectable.
  • Stage: Clone website tool issue
    Error caused by "enable_google_images" set incorrectly. I have set this flag correctly (to 'Yes") for this account. Since this flag is no longer needed, I will remove the code that tests for it.
  • Featured Locations: Listing Search Form inheriting incorrect title

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

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