Release Notes – 2021.04.01

Release Notes – 2021.04.01

 April 1, 2021


  • MLS Consolidation
    Last cycle I told you that we had merged a bunch of MLSs where they had 2 different feeds, one for solds and one for actives. Well I lied. Not on purpose, but you know. Mea culpa. So that process IS happening for all of those MLSs, and the code IS ready for that to happen, but the actual merging is not complete yet (cause archons and IDX feed merges take a while). Here's the latest status:
    • FL-BCAOR | Done
    • OH-TOLEDO | Done
    • TX-BRYAN
    • IL-MYMLS
    • MI-JMLS
    • NJ-NJMLS
    • OK-CMAOR
  • Special Featured Locations
    You can now set up featured location pages for other "special" location types like School Districts, Lakes, etc. 
    • Close Notes: You will be able to select these at the point of sale just like you do for any other locations. Remember that "special" locations like School Districts are meant to be the exception, not the rule. If the CUSTOMER asks for these, we have an answer. Please do not actively promote these features or include them on every one of your sales.
    • Control Panel: Saved Search by Location: This tool works like normal, allowing you to create saved search pages for special locations easily just like you would for a normal location
    • Search by Area pages: Search by School District pages (if they exist at all) going forward should be built using "Featured Location List" pages, NOT custom content pages.
    • Market Reports: Are NOT available for any of these special locations.


  • Search by... pages
    You can now use Featured Location List pages to present School District or other custom type featured locations.
  • NEW CP Tool: ss by school district, custom
    The Control Panel: Saved Search by Location tool now allows you to 1. choose a school district or other custom field AS your featured location, and 2. combine that with search variations to create saved search pages like you would normally.
  • OR-RMLS water rights keyword
    Added "water rights" keyword search term to OR-RMLS on react templates.
  • OK-CMAOR pond keyword
    Added "pond" keyword search term to OK-CMAOR on react templates.
  • OH-CINN Keywords Remapping
    Keyword search lookup tables for OH-CINN were rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • LA-NELBOR pool keyword
    Added "pool" keyword search term to LA-NELBOR on react templates.
  • Unable to link mailchimp
    Removed customer's Mailchimp link from their old account.
  • update og:description for listing details pages
    For listing details pages, both the meta description tag and the og:description tag have been updated to start with the mls# (when there is one). This will ensure that when sharing the page to social media, the mls# will be included.
  • School Districts, Custom Fields as Featured Locations
    When editing the location for a featured location page, you can now choose either a school district or a custom field as a "special location" in place of the normal location. NOTE: market reports are not available for special locations.
  • Listing search forms support (location.segment) in default searchParams
  • MLS Feed Admin View "are you really sure you want to do this" confirmation pop up
  • Open house details abbreviated in mobile view
    Allowed text to wrap.
  • clear all agents
    Processed special data request for MLS account.
  • Compliance flag to remove Market Reports completely
    Added an MLS compliance flag to disable market reports when requested.
  • Upgrade to Elite Package
    Fixed issue where adding an MLS to an account resulted in duplicate surcharges being charged for any existing MLSes on the account.
  • Direct Signup path is different from Activation
    This is finished, and restyled to look more consistent. Only the Direct Signup path was changed - the Testdrive/Activation, AddMLS, and Upgrade Package paths were (should be) unaffected.

Bug fixes

  • Blog Time Zone bug
    Display of blog publish date now uses blog timezone in edit screen
  • listing contact form no longer showing listing info
    Duplicate listings from a duplicate MLS caused the issue. Removed the duplicate MLS to fix the problem.
  • Clearing map search mode goes to... bounds search?
    When clearing one of the map search modes like polygon or radius search it will now set the location back to the last known regular location entry (or an empty location search).
  • listing results grid: loading state?
    The loading state shows now like it should while listing results blocks are loading.
  • AR1011601 - Search variation for "Commercial" not working
    Fixed an issue causing the saved search by location tool to break when changing listing type.
  • Error with cancel link on Featured Locations List pages
    Fixed the operation of the cancel button when adding a new featured location list page.
  • Error when updating Contact Info widget
    Fixed an error when editing the contact info widget.
  • unable to edit photos on listing manager
    Updated code to handle case where a migration (Classic -> Elite) EXPRESS account had issues editing listings that were migrated over.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.