Release Notes – 2021.04.15

Release Notes – 2021.04.15

 April 15, 2021


  • New Cards Page type
    Flip/featurette cards are now available as their own "Cards" page with optional custom content above/below, and also available to add as content on featured location pages.
  • Drag and drop UI improvements
    Multiple UI improvements and bug fixes to the drag and drop UI for managing featured location page content including content collapsing and auto window scrolling.


  • "Special" Featured Location names not included with macro
    When one of the fields that we identify as a "special" location is used for a search instead of a regular location, the "search description" now includes that value. This search description is used both on the results page and as the value of the macro.
  • Beachfront vs Beach Front keyword
    Added alternate single word label "Beachfront" for the "Beach Front" keyword search term for customers who prefer it.
  • Agent roster cards: hyperlink images
  • GA-SGBOR waterfront type keywords
    Added waterfront and related keyword search terms to GA-SGBOR on react templates.
  • CT-CTMLS - Add Keyword: Adult Community 55
    Added "senior community" keyword search term to CT-CTMLS on react templates.
  • OK-CMAOR gated entry keyword
    Added "gated" keyword search terms to OK-CMAOR on react templates.
  • FL-RAMB cash conventional term
    Added "cash offer only" keyword search term to FL-RAMB on react templates.
  • TX-LAOR Keyword updates needed
    Keyword search lookup tables for TX-LAOR have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • AZ-ARMLS high rise search
    Added "high rise" keyword search term to AZ-ARMLS on react templates.
  • File picker - link to file option
    In Featured Location page content blocks, allow for linking directly to files in the file manager.
  • FL-PEN Keyword Updating
    Keyword search lookup tables for FL-PEN after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • OK-CMAOR Pond Keyword
    Added "pond" keyword search term to OK-CMAOR on react templates.
  • Compress Flip Card Default Photos
    All of our flip card backgrounds have now been compressed to achieve smaller file sizes
  • Clear subdomain on deactivated child site
    Cleared domain from deactivated account.
  • Collapsible content blocks
    Allow featured location page blocks to be expanded or collapsed while editing. Hold down cmd/ctrl while clicking to expand/collapse all descendants as well.
  • New “Cards Page” page type
    Create a page version of the "Cards widget" with the ability to add custom content above or below.
  • Icon Editing UI
  • Flip Card widget name on Express
  • Cleanup master account file references
    Revised default content images to point to our production image CDN instead of the master account file manager.
  • New Block: Flip Cards Grid
    New Flip Cards Grid block for Featured Location page content.
  • New Block: Icon
    New icon block for use with featured Location page content - flip cards.
  • New Block: Featurette Cards Grid
    New Featurette Cards Grid block for Featured Location page content.
  • New Block: Card
    New Card block for Featured Location page content
  • Grid Block: "Custom" ItemType
    New: Grid Block custom mode allows you to manually add Flip Cards and Featurette Cards as content.
  • Random Featured Location page problem not loading
  • Invalid Reactivation Promotions
    Removed unwanted inputs from the control panel reactivation screen.
  • Auto scroll window when dragging to top/bottom
  • Misspelled Keyword for MLS Listing Search
    Corrected the spelling for the "hardwood floor" keyword search term on react templates.

Bug fixes

  • Can't Drag/Drop Below a Block with Children
  • SMS on Turbo Leads not Working
  • Idx broker leads not parsing in turboleads
    Created email scanner for IDX Broker lead capture.
  • Agent site, not able to assign manual listing to agent
    Fix issue with assigning manual featured listings to the owner agent for child websites.
  • Area not transferring properly from SS table to to Search by Area page.
  • Featured Location Page: meta tags on initial document load
    The title tag and all relevant meta tags are now included as part of the initial document load (before react loads) so that Facebook can see them for social sharing.
  • MLS reapproval tool issues
    The MLS agreement reapproval system will no longer mark MLS Link records that aren't fully approved.
  • leaking through to front-end
  • Listing sort problems
    Featured listings marked as rentals should now properly have a badge on the listing photo declaring the display status as well as the rented date if settings permit.
  • CP tool creating searches with wrong criteria

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.