Release Notes – 2021.05.27

Release Notes – 2021.05.27

 May 27, 2021


  • Billing Cleanup
    We're continuing to focus on some long neglected purchase paths, and the billing system. Many of the items here have already been off-cycle staged, tested, and e-released. This release focuses mainly on the Upgrade path and Annual billing cases.
  • NEW -- Dynamic Image Optimizer (BETA)
    We have been working on a way to automatically optimize images and the feature is now officially in BETA. For accounts that have this enabled, here's how it works:
    • You put images in the file manager like usual and use them in the website
      When the website asks for the image, it points instead to a special image service called BunnyCDN - which has access to the file manager images. 
    • It automatically optimizes the image from the file manager (sometimes resizing it if we have told it to do that too), caches it, and serves it.
    • If the browser accepts a file type called WebP then the requested images will be served as that file type instead. (WebP has a better compression algorithm than .jpg or .gif so you can serve the same quality image with a smaller file size)
    We'll be doing some additional testing around performance, tweaking settings, and finding additional images that are not yet leveraging the service. 
    • Page load speed - Image file sizes play a big role in page load speed. This service offers both a safety net to help protect against very large, unoptimized images and also a bit of extra speed (webP format) for images that are already performant.
    • Save support time: we will no longer have to worry about the image optimizing step when setting up or editing images in websites*. NOTE: there will still be some limitations here. Images will need to be sized to roughly the correct dimensions. We DON'T want every image in the file manager to be 8MB. More instructions on this TBD. For now, just keep doing what you're doing.
    • It just works - customers don't know how to optimize their images and they shouldn't have to worry about this. This allows them to just upload and use the images they want and we take care of it for them, automatically.


  • Post Sales Automation Report - User Access Adjustment
    Made a column available to non admin users on post sales automation report.
  • Default pre-approved link
    Added a new setting to the Listings Display admin screen to control whether "Get Pre-Approved" links open in a new window or not.
  • MO-MARISNET Keywords update
    Keyword search lookup tables were rebuilt for MO-MARISNET after a data provider change deprecated old mappings.
  • gcdeploy convert to git
    The gcdeploy codebase has been moved from CVS to git.
  • MA-MLSPIN Keywords need an update
    Keyword search lookup tables were rebuilt for MA-MLSPIN after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • FL-REG Membership keyword
    Added "Private Membership" keyword search term to FL-REG on react templates.
  • Problems with Buying ND-SAMPLE (MLS acquisition case)
    The value entered in the "Type the name of your MLS" of the "Find Your MLS" screen is now being saved to the Agent record, also, put into a Control Panel note, and an email sent to
  • MI-UPAOR waterfront keyword
    Fixed issues with "waterfront" keyword search term for MI-UPAOR on react templates.
  • Change TL subdomain
    Removed deprecated account name format.
  • Annual Billing Subscription Amounts Misquoted In Admin Menu
    Fixed switching to annual showing incorrect numbers
  • Add server timing headers to idxv3
    Added tools to enable ad-hoc server side code profiling.
  • Turbo Leads for Mark Maraglia
    Recovered deleted contacts.
  • Google Analytics inquiries

Bug fixes

  • Exempting child site surcharges still charges
    Exempt child MLS surcharges will no longer charge.
  • Master account “Contact Me” URL is wrong
    Contact Us/Me forms on newly created testdrives should now always have the URL slug "contact" regardless of the package/page name.
  • Special characters on overlay
    Fixed special characters in content.
  • STG: adding a domain in stage creates a prod freshdesk ticket
    Changed the "to" address for the domain registration and failure emails to the stage bucket (
  • Direct Signup/Activation: Domain price/charges
    updated pricing and confirmation screens (Activate and Signup paths) to reflect information about domain registration charges.
  • Welcome Email images are broken (PRD)
    Updated a deprecated config value that was breaking images in welcome emails.
  • Upgrade - pricing review: promo display bug
    ensured that the package used to retrieve promos was the correct (new) package.
  • Annual payment did not update
    Two changes: 1) handle the unknown charge type causing problems 2) put in protection so that if there is an error in the future, the account will be reverted to its original state.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.