Release Notes – 2021.09.02

Release Notes – 2021.09.02

 September 2, 2021


  • Page Load Speed
    • For this release we've removed a few more javascript dependencies that we don't need anymore, incrementally lightening the load. 
    • We've also rewritten portions of our react code that were still using legacy javascript. Work continues on this. After all of these legacy dependencies are gone, we'll be able to remove those chunky legacy javascript libraries built on jQuery.
    • Using image srcset: in many places we're now leveraging a special "srcset" image attribute where we give the browser a list of images to choose from at different resolutions. Then the browser can choose which one to use based on the device resolution, how fast the network connection is, etc.
      To trigger this in custom content, you'll have to set an explicit width on your image.
    • We're using PHP7 servers now, which are faster.
    • Next up: PHP7 profiling and more server-side caching
  • Billing
    • Checks and balances during purchases.
    • There are new super admin system settings to allow one-off pricing exceptions for the entire team or for individuals. 
    • If a custom setups amount is provided via pricing exception, the safety check will compare the "expected setups" against the custom setups amount you provide. 
    • NOTE: all custom setups pricing exceptions for now will still need to be manually corrected in the charges after the sale is entered.
    • The new Suspension/Deactivation logic is in. The basic idea is that we're turning customer accounts off faster when they don't pay and also getting them over to retention faster.
      • Suspension happens 25 days after a missed payment
      • Deactivation happens 30 days after that same missed payment
      • Deactivated accounts belong to Retention for 60 days after deactivation and cannot be resold by the main sales team until that window has passed.
      • Eligible deactivated accounts will periodically be added back into Prospector as leads again.
  • Misc
    • Agent profile photos now use the file manager


  • Identify Saved Search in Housetrack email
    The saved search name is now included as a heading in the Housetrack email. This is important for users who receive multiple Housetracks, and need to know which is which.
  • Create FD ticket for website upgrades
    Internal tickets created when upgrading or adding an mls
  • Agent Profile Photo -- Pull From File Manager
    Agent profile images are now selected via the File Manager so the same agent profile image can be referenced in custom content.
  • Golf Course keyword
    Keyword lookup table have been rebuilt for VA-GLBOR after data provider changes deprecated previous mappings.
  • MN-RMLS Keywords need to be updated
    Keyword search lookup tables for MN-RMLS have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • TX-GMABOR Keywords need updating
    Keyword search lookup tables for TX-GMABOR have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • WA-NMLS keywords update
    Rebuild keyword search lookup tables for WA-NMLS after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • GA-GAMLS Keywords need updating
    Keyword search lookup tables for GA-GAMLS were rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • FL-REG- Keyword problems
    Added several keyword search terms to FL-REG on react templates.
  • IL-MLSNI Keywords need to be redone
  • Suspend/Deactivate accounts faster
    Accounts that have unpaid charges that have not been paid in 25 or more days will be suspended. Suspended accounts that have not been paid in 30 or more days will be cancelled.
  • Signup: Expected setups - checks and balances pre-sale
    The Expected Setups field is used for checks and balances to make sure that the setups amount is correct. Before this was reviewed manually post-sale (but before payment was processed). This is now used pre-sale. When you attempt to purchase, if your expected setups amount does not match the actual setups amount, the submission will be blocked, and a warning dialog will pop up letting you know of the mismatch.
  • MLS Compliance: CA-BAREIS: show selling agent for Solds
    Added a compliance flag to allow MLSes to specify that selling agents need to be displayed on listing details for sold listings.
  • BunnyCDN for Agent Profile Photos Array
    We now use BunnyCDN to generate the various Agent Profile Photo sizes.
  • Navica Data Management As An Option in MLS fees section
    Added Navica as an MLS Info vendor fee option.
  • Eliminate JQUERY nav menu dependency
    I have revised the Elitev5 navigation component to handle the hover effects, so that the old external JS file is no longer necessary. This brings us one step closer to moving all of our JS into our webpack bundle and eliminating our external JQUERY dependency

Bug fixes

  • Direct Signup form missing “State” validation
    Fixed validation issue in the direct signup path
  • Upgrade bugs: Extra agentlinks, Sale Summary setups amount wrong
    Can now select number of agent links when upgrading from Agent Pro to Office Pro
  • Remove mls_link records on downgrade to express
    Fixed issue with some upgrades not being allowed to pass adding an mls screen
  • featured blog images not showing - bug: file manager folder with single quote
    Fixed issues with blog images when hosted in file manager directories with apostrophes in their names.
  • Upgrade: charges, sales summary
    Pricing for multiple MLSs correctly applied
  • CO-COMLS: Listing Modal Photos
    Built compliance features for MLSes that require branding information on extended photos view.
  • NY-MLSLI larger view image not updating
    Purged bad image cache.
  • Unable to access folders
    Fixed an issue with loading certain types of directories in the file manager.
  • Sold flag not showing on specific listing
    Allow the display of sold badges on listings of "business opportunity" type.
  • phpwhois needs to be updated for php7
    Updated syntax in the phpwhois library to ensure hostbuild will work properly on php7 servers.
  • Cleanup for traffic requests fails on php7
    Fixed a configuration issue for the traffic database on the stage environment.
  • Recommended Locations not Saving
    Fixed an issue that broke the ability to save recommended locations in the admin menu search defaults interface.
  • More phpwhois php7 issues
    Fixed more php7 compatibility issues.
  • SocialSyndication error on php7 servers
    Fixed several php7 compatibility issues in the social syndication queue process.
  • Js/php syntax confusion in ReactIdxDescription
    Fixed a syntax error when building location description strings involving schools.
  • Undefined index __amp_source_origin in FeaturedListings
    Fixed a rare error loading listings via amp.
  • Non numeric syntax error in ListingSearchController on php7
    A php7 compatibility error was fixed in certain listings search contexts on legacy templates.
  • Non numeric error in ReactIDX in php7
    Fixed a php7 compatibility error that could occur in rare situations involving lot size.
  • Non numeric error in MLSData
    Fixed a php7 compatibility error that could occur in rare situations loading saved searches.
  • Junk requests throwing errors in DomainUtility
    Fixed an error that can clog logs when bad requests include unexpected parameters.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.