Release Notes – 2021.10.28

Release Notes – 2021.10.28

 2021 M10 28


  • Billing / Price Increase
    We're raising prices soon, both for all new sales and for many existing customers.
  • Page Load Speed
    • More server-side performance optimizations
    • gzip sass based custom css files
    • eliminate another large javascript file: application_deferred.js (using beta flag for this since this the js and some css is needed by sites with certain types of custom content).


  • Select files from within folder on documents page
    Documents page now uses a modern file manager integration.
  • Add tooltips for Keyword filter advanced mode
    Added tooltips for the keywords filter advanced mode to explain the meanings of all the option combinations: with/without, all/any.
  • BunnyCDN - cache controls
  • CO-DAAR keywords need updating
    Added keyword search terms to new commercial lease feed from CO-DAAR
  • NY-ODBOR barn keyword
    Added "barn" keyword search term to NY-ODBOR.
  • Update MLS disclaimer logos (dimensions)
  • AR1114854 - Unable to link Mailchimp
    Removed customer's Mailchimp record from their old account.
  • Keyboard Swipeable-Views breaks on compiled build
  • Carousel keyboard left/right keys no longer working
  • Improve performance of ImageCDN by reducing magic function calls
  • Model is making excessive numbers of calls to Utility:is_production
    Optimized performance by reducing repeated calls to utility function.
  • Model::databaseConfigFromClassName should cache its results
    Improved performance by optimizing model config loading behavior.
  • Array_key_exists is significantly more costly than isset and empty
    Improved performance by optimizing use of isset/empty vs array_key_exists.
  • AR1117952 - Unable to link mailchimp
    Removed Mailchimp record from customer's old account.
  • Sprintf is costly -- replace it with simple string/variable expansion where possible
    Improved performance by optimizing string construction where possible.
  • Model::changeTrackingEnabled inexplicably carries tons of extra overhead
    Improved performance by optimizing model change tracking behavior.
  • Elitev5 eliminate application_deferred.js
  • AutoLoader::load might not need to be scanning the file system
    Improved performance by optimizing class autoloading.
  • AR1114054 - Multiple MLS's remove duplicate listings
    Applied dangerous setting to account to avoid cancellation.
  • Expected MRR - Signup Process
    Updated the signup and upgrade processes to require a value be provided for "Expected MRR" when processed by internal users.
  • AR935924- Switching to V5 Template
    Created a script to automate adding beta flags to accounts and all their children at once.
  • Reactivate Jeane Weise's website
    Reactivated child site.
  • User::ui_states is horribly inefficient
    Improved performance by optimizing user state data loading.
  • STG: Default Saved Search Table Image issue
  • Purchase Process - Removal of "Custom Tasks"

Bug fixes

  • Website XML Sitemap Issues - October 2021
    Fixed date formatting in sitemaps.
  • Featured Listing Card Flip animation problem
  • Compiled CSS is not compressed
    Improved size loading performance by properly compressing a previously uncompressed compiled css file.
  • SrcSet for CardImages
    Card Images now use a SrcSet to serve different source options (varying pixel density)
  • AR1114044 - Google Ads Conversion Error
  • Agent photo missing at certain breakpoints
  • Listing card text problem
    Reversed e-release for ENG-15792 to fix resulting issues.
  • AZ-TAAR logo is being distorted on the IDX disclaimer
    Fixed dimensions for mls logo
  • AR426470 - Email Signature not Updating
    Fixed failed data sync.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.