Release Notes – 2021.12.16

Release Notes – 2021.12.16

 2021 M12 16


  • MLS Compliance
    This release includes 2 different compliance items for CA-MRMLS (California Regional MLS). Versions of these have also been passed at NAR, so I expect to see these trickle down through other MLSs soon.
    • More clarity (via formatting and presentation) for how to contact the actual listing agent/broker vs the advertising agent (our customer). As more MLSs start to give us direction on how to implement this, rather than proliferating many new compliance flags and versions of how to format the content, we'll be seeking to come up with a single global solution that satisfies most of them.
    • The ability to display the $quot;offer of compensation$quot; - meaning how much the listing broker is offering to the buyers agent. Per the new NAR rules, for websites with IDX feeds, this is up to the individual website owner to decide, so we've created it as a new, per account idx setting. BUT, that setting is only available after the MLSs on that account provide us the data in their feed and then we map it. So for now, we're handling this requests on demand as customers ask for it in Support.
  • Performance
    We've trimmed out around 500kb of javascript from our react code for this release. Lighter = faster. We have a lot more work to do on this front.


  • MI-SWMRIC keyword updates
    Rebuilt keyword search lookup tables for MI-SWMRIC after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • NC-CMLS bedrooms on main field
    Added bedrooms on main floor keyword search term to NC-CMLS.
  • CO-PPAOR Add Keyword filters
    Added various park related keyword search terms to CO-PPAOR.
  • GA-NEGBOR view keywords
    Added and improved various keyword search terms for GA-NEGBOR.
  • CA-MRMLS Listing Broker Contact Compliance
  • MI-SWMRIC Keywords
  • MLS compliance: Display offer of compensation
  • Ensure that the ListingUpdateProcess doesn't double-process listings
    This compares the modified date on Feed records to the date than an account last had a full listing update (the value show in the Control Panel - see screenshot), and it the modified date is older, then the listing will not be updated. Not sure how you can test this on stage, unless you know when the last modified dates are on feed listings.
  • Broker's Advantage Leads not getting into Prospector
    Updated lead assignment for broker advantage accounts.
  • Nav Menu Widget 500 error
    Fixed an error editing the name of navigation widgets.
  • CA-MRMLS - Important clarification on updated CRMLS IDX listing credit rule
    Added compliance flag for MLSes that require listing contact agent buttons to specify they are contacting a buyer agent.
    Made a minor text clarification to our current terms of service.
  • MLS Info notes bug
    Fixed an issue making notes in MLSInfo.
  • Webpack / reactstrap “tree shaking”
    Revised our transpilation process to eliminate redundancy, thus decreasing the size of our JS bundles.
  • CP: CSR: Show sold by info if it is you.
    Sales users should be able to see sold by data.
  • MLS Info: Sales view: remove 12 mo waiver option
    Removed passthrough fee promo option
  • STG: IDX quick search form breaks layout in small columns

Bug fixes

  • Broken Image Flickering Bug
    Flickering effect for broken images has been fixed.
  • 500 Error on ads admin
    Added more error handling tp catch and present the errors cleanly.
  • Reactivated accounts kept old pricing
    Reactivated accounts now move to newest pricing.
  • AR1113836 - TurboLeads map not loading
    Fixed an issue creating saved searches for contacts in TurboLeads on accounts without a proper default map search location saved.
  • No nav menu
    Fixed an issue with a recent optimization that broke navigation on legacy templates.
  • AR1122177 - Summary Details Broken
    Rolled back a change that broke the post sales automation system.
  • Package change uses old price
    New pricing applied when downgrading account
  • No Market Report on Featured Area page
    Fixed an issue with market report widgets on featured location pages for county searches.
  • Brokers Advantage: confirmation email amount wrong
    Sale receipt now includes broker advantage credit in calculations.
  • Blog results grid displaying tiles vertically
    The grid orientation issue has been fixed.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.