Top Real Estate Keywords For 2022

Top Real Estate Keywords For 2022

 March 10, 2022

Search engine keywords are an important consideration when building landing pages for your real estate website. Generally speaking, your landing page should include the keyword you are targeting (or a close variant) in the page title and/or somewhere on the page. And you should make sure that your landing page content matches the expectations of a user who searched for that keyword.

But what keywords do people type into Google the most when searching for homes? What about when they are searching for an agent? Well, you don't have to guess, because the Google Ads platform offers a tool called the "Keyword Planner", which provides monthly search volume (total number of searches per month) for any keyword you look up. The tool is free to use for anyone with a Google Ads account, even if you are not running any ads (aka not spending any money).

Below is a list of the top keywords and corresponding search volume for the Sacramento CA real estate market. While keyword search variety and volume is likely to vary a bit from market to market, the Sacramento market is a decent proxy for most markets.

homes for sale in sacramento18100
sacramento homes for sale18100
sacramento real estate3600
sacramento ca real estate3600
sacramento realtors2400
sacramento real estate agents720
real estate agents in sacramento720
single family homes for sale in sacramento ca390
sacramento homes for sale with pool210
homes for sale in sacramento with a pool210
homes for sale in sacramento area110
homes for sale in sacramento ca under 150k110
best real estate agents in sacramento50
top realtors in sacramento30
sacramento homes for sale with inlaw quarters10
homes for sale in sacramento under 400k10

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By Kevin Ashley

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