Release Notes – 2022.07.07

Release Notes – 2022.07.07

 July 7, 2022


  • Payment default - SMS notifications
    SMS notifications will be sent to delinquent accounts
  • Measuring Photo Processing performance
    First pass at Photo Processing dashboard, also some memory management and error handling improvements to the Photo Processing queue
  • Flex: edit UI for image src from context
    UI for choosing the src of an image from an upstream context. The "featured" image from the page context is our working proof of concept.
  • New flex structures: CTA Tiles, CTA Ribbon, CTA Grid
    Translated more of our popular custom content blocks to drag-and-drop “Structures” in the Flex Editor
  • MO-MARISNET recreational keyword
    Added "recreational land" keyword search term to MO-MARISNET.
  • KS-TOPEKA Keywords
    Keyword search lookup tables were rebuilt for KS-TOPEKA after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • Managed Model Fields
    Model/ModelMongo cleanup, added new Interface for future use
  • GA-AAAOR Keywords update
    Keyword search lookup tables for GA-AAAOR have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • Sold shows wrong amount when shared
    Fixed an issue where sold listings would present og:title meta tags with listing prices instead of sold prices included, causing issues when sharing to social media.
  • FL-BSBOR Keywords Update
    Keyword lookup tables for FL-BSBOR have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • Default Featured Location Content showing numbers
    By default, if a content block is missing a name, use the type of the block as the name instead.
  • SC-HHIMLS keyword search issue for Private Pool
    Fixed "private pool" keyword search mappings for SC-HHIMLS.

Bug fixes

  • Round robin broken for phone leads
  • Fixed the round robin logic for phone captured leads.
  • Unable to select pending on saved searches
    Fixed an issue with adding pending listings to search params in certain contexts.
  • PHP upgrade error
    Fixed a php compatibility issue when building amp pages in certain conditions.
  • Incorrect setup package
    Fixed billing issue with promotions not being properly applied
  • Signup Errors
    Fixed error related to specific domain names
  • Cloning error
    Handled current problem account, added more checks and cleanup to the CopyWebsite function
  • Listing carousels not auto scrolling
    Recent refactoring caused the listing auto-scroll logic to be reversed. This has been corrected.
  • Nav drop down not working on first nav item
    Corrected a bug that prevented the first navigation dropdown menu from opening.
  • Sold Listing showing on 2 agent profiles
    Fixed issues with agent searches on CA-MRMLS.
  • Logo overlapping nav menu
    Corrected a styling issue for wide logo images in the navigation bar.
  • Links in header not working
    A template style was causing some element overlap, covering clickable elements. This has been fixed.
  • New child sites missing banner video widget
    Updated the necessary template account to correct this issue.

Stephen Gruenholz

By Stephen Gruenholz

Stephen serves as both Graphics Manager and Product Manager at iHOUSEweb. He graduated from Cal Poly with a BS in Applied Art & Design and has been working as a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. He relentlessly pushes himself and the rest of the team to learn, grow, and innovate.