Release Notes – 2022.09.01

Release Notes – 2022.09.01

 September 1, 2022


  • Better Handling for Lead Assignment Settings
    We've made improvements to how various cases, both common and rare, are handled with regard to agent's settings around lead assignment and how they interact with special scenarios such as  leads from listings that belong to the agent. 
  • Improved Presentation of Coming Soon Listings
    More listings will be identified as coming soon, and for MLSes where present more accurate data regarding availability dates will be presented.
  • Support for New NAR Attribution Standards
    Many MLSes are now providing an AttributionContact field to implement new NAR standards of listing attribution, and we've built support to use this data as intended when available. 
  • Improved Accuracy and Clarity of Leads Data on the Traffic Report
    Leads and phone captures are now presented as separate data points instead of combined into one.
  • Updates for Our Google Single Sign Integration
    Google is in the process of deprecating their existing single sign on solutions, so we're updating our integration to use their new version of the service. 


  • Show Activation Date on Coming Soon listings
    Updated and improved coming soon display behaviors
  • Add requested widget icons
    Added some new FontAwesome icons to our library for flip cards and flex icons.
  • Listing form overrides user lead assignment setting
    Updated form processing to properly handle the case where a listing agent has turned off "accepts leads" and a form is submitted on a listing page.
  • Flex Testing Feedback
    Our first round of Flex widget testing yielded a lot of good feedback, which prompted a large number of changes and improvements.
  • IA-IGLBOR now providing AttributionContact field
    Added support for the display of new "Attribution Contact" data on listing details pages for MLSes that provide it.
  • NC-CMLS Disclaimer logo not updating on websites
    Cleared BunnyCDN cache for stuck image. 
  • WA-NMLS issue with how we provide Sample Data
    Addressed MLS compliance concerns regarding sample data. 
  • Nag/Drip email opt out is not working?
    Fixed implementation of "Opt Out of Nag Emails" flag for MLS emails
  • FL-MID ADD Saltwater Canal keyword
    Added "saltwater canal" keyword search term to FL-MID. 
  • SS not showing expected listings
    Improved the mapping for the 'vineyard view' keyword search term for CA-MRMLS. 

Bug fixes

  • Deleting agent doesn't unmap agent code
    When deleting an Agent Profle, any mapped records in the "Listing Agent Names" section of the Listing Manager will now be un-mapped.
  • Admin Menu -> HouseTrack Emails validation issue
    Added validations so that you can't save Housetrack emails with empty subjects, or where the proper macro that expands into the list of listings is not present
  • Traffic report shows more leads than submits for form
    The leads column was an aggregate of two events: capture and phone_capture. The phone_capture even now has its own column called "phones" and tooltips have been added for clarity.
  • FL-GFM broken keywords
    Improved keyword search term mapping for FL-GFM. 

Kevin Ashley

By Kevin Ashley

Kevin is a Web Developer and Marketing Expert for iHOUSEweb. He has a degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and he specializes in front end web development, web advertising, and web analytics. Kevin works closely with real estate agents all over the US, and he helps to communicate their needs to the team of Software Engineers at iHOUSEweb.