Release Notes – 2023.01.19

Release Notes – 2023.01.19

 January 19, 2023


  • Testdrive process infrastructure upgrade
    An additional set of changes was required to make our new testdrive infrastructure work as desired, and so we’ve taken an additional release cycle to build and test these changes. They are now ready to go, but will NOT be live immediately after the release completes. Our plan is to conduct some final tests after the release, and then enable them either later today or tomorrow morning, so please stay tuned for additional details shortly.
  • Flex content updates
    This release will contain another set of updates, fixes, and additions to the flex content system. Among these numerous changes you will find the following: Newly updated default content will allow featured locations to automatically populate to site content, a new YouTube content block to allow easy video integration, and a new macro selector will be available for CSRs only to help with inserting macros when editing content. 


  • Featured Locations Favorites as default
    Featured location “favorites” are now incorporated into our default content set. Both the placeholders and the featuredLocation context pointers have been updated accordingly.
  • Flex Editor - Allow Custom Colors
    Both “color” (text color) and “backgroundColor” now accept CUSTOM rgba values, which can be entered manually or selected via the ColorPicker UI
  • Flex YouTube Video Block
    A new YouTube Flex block was added to replace the old “custom content” / iframe version.
  • Facebook auto Posting Issue
    Manually set all old blog posts so that the poster won't pick them up again.
  • Pending Search Issues
    React templates: Searching by address now ignores the listing status
  • Make the idxv3 work with multiple sync queues
    Refactored Process Queueing to allow multiple queues.
  • Consumer protection link needs updating on our website
    Updated the "Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice" link on Texas websites.
  • TX-CTMLS Keywords
    Keyword search lookup tables for TX-CTMLS have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings. 
  • CA-TCAR Keywords
    Keyword search lookup tables for CA-TCAR have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • SC-GGAR Keywords
    Keyword search lookup tables for SC-GGAR have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.

Bug fixes

  • Flex Editor - Safari Bug
    Replaced deprecated javascript method.
  • Broken featured location
    Cleaned up bad value in FeaturedLocation table
  • Flex Editor Bug - can't add new blocks
    Replaced deprecated javascript method.
  • Nav Copy Issue for Featured Location Group
    Corrected a problem with the testdrive build / copy process

Kevin Ashley

By Kevin Ashley

Kevin is a Web Developer and Marketing Expert for iHOUSEweb. He has a degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and he specializes in front end web development, web advertising, and web analytics. Kevin works closely with real estate agents all over the US, and he helps to communicate their needs to the team of Software Engineers at iHOUSEweb.