Release Notes – 2023.03.02

Release Notes – 2023.03.02

 March 2, 2023


  • Featured Locations now have default links
    The Default Location Settings page in the Featured Locations interface now allows default links to be configured, with a variety of options that we hope will address most of the use cases for the Saved Search by Location control panel tool. We look forward to receiving feedback on this change, as we’re eager to remove the use of that tool as a compulsory component of most site builds. 
  • Flex content updates
    This release once again contains another batch of changes to Flex content. This includes updates to color management for banner overlays, fixes to the presentation of agent cards, and the addition of new templates to the library of prebuilt content arrangements. 
  • Agent Roster text area
    Agent roster pages now have an editable text area that can be displayed at the top of the page.
  • CSR Meta Tags tool update
    The CSR only tool to automatically generate settings for the Meta Tags and Amp Pages screens via a checkbox when editing agent profiles has been updated to use the formatting currently preferred by the web building team in an effort to reduce the amount of manual content updating required in their processes. 
  • Updates to default content
    In response to feedback from the web builder team, several changes and additions have been made to default content template accounts so that new testdrive buildouts will start with more useful sets of content, thereby reducing the amount of work required to get new accounts fully configured. 


  • Globe icon requested
    Added Globe icon to icon library
  • Optional text above agent roster
    Agent roster pages now offer an optional open text field to display at the top of the roster. 
  • Listing came in but not agent ID
    Added a check to avoid duplicating "office" detect param records
  • Featured Locations - Default Links
    It is now possible to configure “default links” for Featured Locations via the “Default Location Settings”. These will typically be used to configure linked Saved Search pages (w/ price ranges). Our hope is that this will be an adequate replacement for the “Saved Searches by Location” tool in the control panel.
  • Refresh iOS certs
    iOS app development, distribution, and push certificates were updated. 
  • IN-MIBOR Keyword: Dock
    Added "dock" keyword search term to IN-MIBOR. 
  • NC-TRIAD primary bedroom keyword
    Added bedroom in main floor keyword search term to NC-TRIAD. 
  • Add debugging information to GenerateExtraParams function
    • Added useful debugging information to the function.
    • Fixed error handling in the google cloud function that writes photos up
    • Removed a final reference to the deprecated multi-regional bucket for image storage
    • Added error handling for getting a RETS object with an empty URL
  • Update defaults for meta tags and amp pages settings
    Updated the format used by the agent profile CSR tool to generate meta tag and amp pages settings. 
  • Add "My Active Listings" and "My Sold Listings" too defaults
    Added new saved search pages to default content included in new testdrive buildouts. 
  • New BannerOverlay FLEX Template for Library
    Recreated a popular and commonly used Flex content arrangement for our Library

Bug fixes

  • Search Default Issues
    Corrected issues with several search default settings, and updated the text of the settings page to more accurately describe how they have functioned since a major rewrite of related systems several years ago. 
  • Flex Agent Grid - Text overlap
    Revised agent name heading to use H3 instead of H2 in all Flex Agent Card instances, due to reports of frequent unwanted wrapping and text overflow
  • Search result display setting not being respected
    Fixed an issue where featured locations were not properly respecting certain settings in the search defaults admin screen. 
  • Banner Overlay Section Doesn't Respect Flex Colors
    Corrected styling conflict for Flex content in the Banner Overlay sectioon
  • Featured location image not being used by flex widget
    Corrected image source composition bug
  • Testimonials widget html characters issue
    Fixed an issue when html entities were added to the name field on testimonials. 
  • MI-WONDERLAND waterfront keyword not working
    Improved the accuracy for the waterfront keyword on MI-WONDERLAND. 
  • Update RMLS logo
    Purged caches for MLS logo. 
  • Mortgage Calculator text not aligned after window resize
    Calculator now subscribes to window change events and re-sizes appropriately

Kevin Ashley

By Kevin Ashley

Kevin is a Web Developer and Marketing Expert for iHOUSEweb. He has a degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and he specializes in front end web development, web advertising, and web analytics. Kevin works closely with real estate agents all over the US, and he helps to communicate their needs to the team of Software Engineers at iHOUSEweb.