Release Notes – 2023.04.27

Release Notes – 2023.04.27

 April 27, 2023


  • New “exit intent” and “time on page” registration features
    Two new modes of triggering registration popups have been added for most page types and for featured locations: exit intent, where a popup will be triggered if we detect the mouse leaving the window, and time on page, where a popup can be scheduled for a certain number of seconds after loading a given page. As with with the existing registration settings for these page types, application wide settings can be configured in the admin menu which will provide defaults to cascade down and be overridden on a page by page basis as desired.  Default settings for new testdrives have also been updated to make use of these new modes. 
    As was the case with our cleanup of basic registration settings last December, special page types such as listing search, blog pages, and market reports that currently have special “teaser” modes implemented were not updated to use these two new registration modes. (Saved search pages, however, ARE included in the page types that benefit from these new features.) Updates to registration modes for those special types will likely be considered in the future, but their complex and unique natures precluded them from consideration in this first pass at exit intent and time on page registration triggers.
  • Another batch of performance improvements to the react application
    More work has been done along the same lines as the last two releases to further improve the performance of the react application in the eyes of the various robots that analyze websites for search engine indexing and third party “SEO performance” reporting tools. 
  • Google Analytics integration updates
    Our project to update our Google Analytics API version in the last release encountered issues, and had to be temporarily rolled back. An updated version of these changes will be included in this release.
  • Many, many, many keywords updates
    We’re in the middle of another large wave of MLSes making changes to their data providers, and as a result keyword mappings and the resulting lookups have been rebuilt across a number of MLSes. Please be on the lookout for previously mapped keyword terms that may have been missed in remapping. 


  • Market report widget - custom placeholder
    Market report search input placeholder text can now be customized 
  • Exit intent and time on page registration settings
    New "time on page" and "exit intent" registration features have been implemented, with application wide defaults that cascade into page specific settings for most page types and for featured locations. 
  • Reconsider New Homepage Registration Default
    New default registration settings have been established to accompany the addition of additional registration features. 
  • NEW Flex Slideshow Block (w/ inner content)
    A new “Slideshow” flex block has been added. In addition to the basic slideshow functionality that has been requested in the past, this also accommodates the request to allow banner overlay content to remain over the banner slideshow on mobile. Since the slideshow accepts “child” content (aka nested content that displays on top of the slideshow), you can use this block as an alternative to the existing “Banner and IDX Search Overlay” widget combination
  • Change Default Page Format for Office Roster Page
    Updated the default settings for agent roster pages on new office testdrives. 
  • Market Report link case on Featured Location page
    Provided custom CSS to address customer complaint. 
  • Adjustments to Default Content for Registration Messages
    Updates were made to application defaults for various types of registration benefits text settings. Additionally, the site wide registration settings page now includes placeholders to display these defaults. 
  • Contact info/footer widget doesn't include company name
    Added company name to default footer block
  • Update Help video for Google Email Integration
    Revised video to exclude the parts mentioning old / deprecated options
  • Deleted Featured Locations behavior in Flex Featured Locations widget
    When a referenced Featured Location no longer exists, we now show a more descriptive message in edit mode that makes it clear the referenced location no longer exists
  • GA-GIAR Keywords
    Keyword lookup tables for GA-GIAR were rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings. 
  • AL-MAAR Keywords
    Keyword lookup tables for AL-MAAR were rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings. 
  • OH-CINN Keywords
    Keyword search lookup tables for OH-CINN were rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • AZ-SVVAR Keywords
    Keyword search lookup tables for AZ-SVVAR were rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • KS-LBOR Keywords
    Keyword search lookups fro KS-LBOR have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings. 
  • AR-FTSMITH Keywords
    Keyword search lookups for AR-FTSMITH have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings.
  • OH-NORMLS Keywords
    Keyword search lookups for OH-NORMLS were rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings. 
  • Performance Teardown (Part 3)
    More JS bundle rework and conditional bundle preloading for Pagespeed score optimization
  • FL-MID block construction keyword
    Corrected the mapping for the "block construction" keyword search term on FL-MID. 
  • MN-RMLS new search options
    Added search options to MN-RMLS.
  • Unable to save Roster Page details (add to navigation menu)
    Fixed an issue where saving an agent roster page with an empty agent list in manual sorting mode would throw an error. 
  • Visitor registration form not showing full agent list in drop down
    The agent select preview when editing registration forms will now properly only include agents with the accepts leads setting enabled, as is the case with the actual form that's being edited. 
  • NC-NCRMLS (NC-BCBOR) - Add keyword
    Added "island" keyword search term to NC-NCRMLS. 
  • IDX control panel error when searching for MD-BRIGHT
    Cleaned up bad virtual host data that was breaking account search. 

Bug fixes

  • Flex Headings Revision
    H1 is now allowed for the Flex Heading block. A warning has been added to remind users that a page should not have more than one H1
  • Flex Agent Block not mobile optimized
    Adjusted block styles to prevent ugly line-wrapping on mobile
  • MI-MIREALSOURCE basement keyword issue
    Corrected issues with keyword mapping for MI-MIREALSOURCE.
  • Davis CA Being Used as Default Area Continues
    Some outbound links will no long be using Davis, CA as their location on new accounts.
  • Flip card page
    Fixed in issue where cards pages were erroneously disabled on express accounts. 
  • Slow website caused by agent profile loading optimizations
    For large offices, prefetching all agent profiles is slower than the old deferred method. We have

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