Release Notes – 2023.07.20

Release Notes – 2023.07.20

 July 20, 2023


  • Additional updates to recently added JSON-LD format structured data
    In the previous release, we added additional metadata for many page types in a format that Google prefers in an effort to improve indexing results. This release we’ve fixed some issues in the initial implementation, and added support for more page types. (Some of this was e-released during the last cycle, but more is included in this release.)
  • Cleanup and improvements to the new activation process
    Overall the rollout of the new activation process in the last release was a great success, and we’re excited to have new options and better maintainability for the system moving forward. There were a few small issues to clean up as well as some improvements and clarifications that presented themselves once the system was in wider use. Here too some of those fixes came via e-release, but more are included in this release cycle.
  • Improved Mailchimp email campaign error handling and reporting
    Managing our integration with Mailchimp is always tricky, and after a recent cluster of issues with email campaigns not sending as expected we’ve taken some time to improve error handing and add additional reporting on such errors to hopefully help improve our understanding of these issues and better address their root causes.


  • MS-GTAR Keywords
    Keyword search lookups for MS-GTAR have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings. 
  • IN-MYMLS Keywords
    Keyword search lookups were mapped and built for IN-MYMLS. 
  • OK-NEOBOR Keywords
    Keyword search lookups for OK-NEOBOR have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings. 
  • SC-PEEDEE Keywords
    Keyword search lookups for SC-PEEDEE have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings. 
  • AZ-ARMLS Keywords
    Added "wood frame construction" keyword search term to AZ-ARMLS.
  • 500 error when editing disclaimer of INACTIVE MLS IDs
    Fixed issues editing MLS info for inactive MLSes. 
  • Comparing Traffic Report Summary
    Added extra instructions text about GA4 behaviors. 
  • IN-MIBOR Keyword request for Seawall, On Reservoir, and Boat Slip
    Added various water related keyword search terms to IN-MIBOR.
  • Video banner
    Advised about “fade through black” video transitions
  • Featurette Card widget
    Added a new version of the Featurette Cards flex structure, allowing for more customization options

Bug fixes

  • IDX Quick Search widget graphics bug
    Corrected styling issue where Property Type field is using white text, and is not legible
  • Agent Profiles loading as a blank page
    Fixed an issue where a recent feature addition caused errors when loading directly to an agent profile page. 
  • Campaigns not sending
    Improved Mailchimp error handling and logging of errors to give clarity to why campaigns aren't sending.
  • Estimated Monthly Payment Calculator math problem
    Recent updates to mortgage rate data management caused issues with calculating estimates for ARM rates. This has been corrected. 
  • Featured Locations Not Pulling Into Closed Notes
    Featured locations will show on sale summary again.
  • Sales Summary Report No Longer Showing Delayed Setups
    Sale summary will note if account has delayed billing.
  • Account data getting overwritten
    Website is disabled while it is being activated.

Kevin Ashley

By Kevin Ashley

Kevin is a Web Developer and Marketing Expert for iHOUSEweb. He has a degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and he specializes in front end web development, web advertising, and web analytics. Kevin works closely with real estate agents all over the US, and he helps to communicate their needs to the team of Software Engineers at iHOUSEweb.