Release Notes – 2023.08.17

Release Notes – 2023.08.17

 August 17, 2023


  • Fixes for modal listing link handling from flex content
    It should now be possible to successfully link to a listing details page and have it open in a modal window from any pice of flex content that builds links. Previously, complexities of how we handle fetching listing data in the application prevented this from working correctly. As a result, it should much easier to create flex pages to showcase unique listings, among other things.
  • CKEditor content template updates
    In a recent release we added a “branding address” to the configurable options in the admin menu to allow differentiation between billing addresses and the ones customers want to use for presentation on their websites. We have now updated the CKEditor content templates for things like signatures and contact info to use this new data when available.
  • Updates for Saved Search By Location tool 
    Last release we changed the way default images for featured locations work, and added internal tools to use a newly created stock image library system to improve the process of changing featured location images. This release, we’ve updated the control panel “Saved Search by Location” tool to also take advantage of these new stock image library features.


  • FL-FKBOR (FL-KWAOR) boat slip type
    Added "boat slip" keyword search term to FL-FKBOR (FL-KWAOR). 
  • TX-LBOR 20234341 (162 CR 319)
    Investigated legacy listing sort issues.
  • Agent Profile Signature Template
    CKeditor content templates for signature, contact info, and custom content will now use branding address data before billing address data when present. 

Bug fixes

  • New Events structured data issues detected
    Corrected some structured data issues that triggered alarming email messages from Google Search Console
  • Listing link opening in modal window gives error 
    Opening listing details pages in a modal window from a non listing search context should now work as expected, rather than throwing a 404 error. 
  • Radial search by address doesn't work during signup
    Find by address work in new signup paths
  • Activation does not show payment method
    Stored payment methods show on reactivation
  • Footer showing pixelated on mobile
    Increased size cap in Bunny's Image Optimizer for mobile images served without size parameters.

Kevin Ashley

By Kevin Ashley

Kevin is a Web Developer and Marketing Expert for iHOUSEweb. He has a degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and he specializes in front end web development, web advertising, and web analytics. Kevin works closely with real estate agents all over the US, and he helps to communicate their needs to the team of Software Engineers at iHOUSEweb.