Release Notes – 2023.08.31

Release Notes – 2023.08.31

 August 31, 2023


  • Updated our Twitter logos where possible
    Where possible, we have updated our application to use Twitter’s new logo. It’s worth noting, however, that the way many of our legacy templates managed social media icons makes it prohibitively time consuming to update wholesale, so those will continue using the old logo. If we receive complaints about specific templates, we’ll address them on a case by case basis.
  • Another wave of keyword mapping updates
    We are in the midst of another big wave of MLSes changing data providers, and as a result there has been a larger than average amount of keyword search mapping updates happening in recent weeks (and this will likely continue for at least another release cycle or two). As usual, we’ve endeavored to recreate previous mappings as thoroughly as possible, but please be aware that these data provider changes can often completely break more custom keyword searches due to changed data formats and availability.
  • “Legacy” pages filtered from react link building interfaces
    We’ve addressed a longstanding source of confusion caused by a change to how certain page types are structured behind the scene for react templates. Basically, react sites still have ‘legacy’ versions of certain page types present for compatibility reasons, but in general they should be hidden and not used. However, they were showing up in various link building interfaces, which was very confusing! This should now be corrected wherever possible.
  • Fixed the control panel tool for initiating a manual listing update 
    A recent infrastructure change created issues with the tool for requesting a manual listing update from an account’s profile screen in the control panel. We’ve corrected the issue via e-release, but it’s worth making note of here to be sure people are aware that this helpful tool should be functioning as expected again.


  • Featured Location page image
    Investigated featured location options..
  • Twitter Icon Logo Update - Social Media Widget
    Updated twitter logo from “bird” icon to the new “X” icon for Elitev5 templates
  • Add broker pricing for 6 months promo
    Added promotion for new signups and activations
  • Filter legacy IDX search pages from link builder interfaces
    Filtered the 'legacy' search links from the list of available links for editing navigation and inserting links into Flex Editor areas.
  • NV-MESQ Keywords
    Keyword search lookups were created for NV-MESQ.
  • Featured locations not showing the correct results at first
    Fixed an issue where navigating between featured location pages and listing search results pages in certain orders could create a situation where results weren't properly loaded.
  • NY-ACVMLS Keywords
    Keyword search lookups for NY-ACVMLS were rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings. 
  • AL-EABOR New MLS needs Keywords
    Mapped keywords for AL-EABOR.
  • TN-MORRIS Keywords
    Keyword search lookups for TN-MORRIS have been rebuilt after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings. 
  • MO-AUDRAIN Keyword
    Keyword search lookups were built for MO-AUDRAIN.
  • CA-BBVBOR Keywords
    Rebuilt keyword search lookups for CA-BBVBOR after a data provider change deprecated previous mappings. 
  • Listing missing from Listing Manager
    Changed the ListingUpdate process to better handle missed listing cases.
  • GA-GAMLS agent name showing when not set
    Investigated data attribution confusion.
  • FL-REG add construction material search option
    Added block construction keyword search term to FL-REG. 
  • Missing Open House flag
    Fixed an issue where the featured listing update system wouldn't properly grab open house data from MLSes that are live copies of another MLS. 
  • AZ-ARMLS age restricted keyword issue
    Updated the mapping for the age restricted keyword search term on AZ-ARMLS.
  • Add confirmation to delete widget links
    Added a confirmation prompt to widget delete links.
  • AZ-ARMLS - 55+ keyword change
    Cleared a deprecated keywords search mapping for senior community on AZ-ARMLS. 
  • Featured Location Scroll & Hover effect combo error
    Fixed an animation styling conflict

Kevin Ashley

By Kevin Ashley

Kevin is a Web Developer and Marketing Expert for iHOUSEweb. He has a degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and he specializes in front end web development, web advertising, and web analytics. Kevin works closely with real estate agents all over the US, and he helps to communicate their needs to the team of Software Engineers at iHOUSEweb.