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This web site gives our company value, far beyond its brick and mortar business. It is the top broker and San Luis Obispo real estate "storefront" on the internet!


Q: What are your company goals with regards to your iHOUSEweb Website?

A: To present an online representation of our company in an eloquent and professional way, that stands out above all other real estate web sites in our area.

  • To generate leads and business for our company with an attractive and functional real estate web site
  • To provide an easy-to-maintain web site that can be Search Engine Optimized, so that it ranks well on Google
  • To allow the visitor to browse through our agents to see if they can find a good fit for themselves
  • To provide a clear and easy MLS search for all properties that are for sale in our county
  • To provide visitors with search tools to find and save properties that meet their criteria with automated email notifications of new similar listings.
  • To provide information on buying and selling real estate in San Luis Obispo County


Q: What features / tools are most valuable to you? How do you use them?

  • Various search tools and Saved Searches, which provide information on properties for sale, and ultimately leads
  • The TurboLeads and automated notifications; this provides our company with information on who is seeking information and on what properties
  • Unlimited use and development of preset pages as well as custom development of pages
  • The Agent Roster web page is a good way to view all our company agents, their contact numbers, profile and listings
  • An editor that is easy to navigate and use
  • iHOUSEweb’s Elite Support has always been there for us with answers and solutions to almost all issues
iHOUSEweb Real Estate Websites
iHOUSEweb Real Estate Websites

Q: How has iHOUSEweb helped you in accomplishing your goals?

A: Overall, iHOUSEweb has given us the foundation and support to make our web site one of the top performing real estate web sites in our county.


Q: What results have your company and agents achieved?

  • Our web site has generated tremendous business, averaging 15 leads per week, and ranking on the top of Google’s search engine for top real estate search terms. The leads are distributed among our agents equally, so that all agents get a chance at acquiring clients whether they are old or new to the company. This really helps attract new agents and the web site helps establish our brand
  • Our web site averages 30,000 Page Views per month with roughly 885 visits a day!
  • This web site is far more important than our physical location. It is the top broker and San Luis Obispo real estate "storefront" on the internet
iHOUSEweb Real Estate Websites

Q: What advice would you give toREALTORS® about their Real Estate website. What should they keep in mind?

  • Make sure that you do your homework on website providers. Pick one which that is easy to navigate and edit, and above all, a site that can be optimized for search engines
  • If you are transferring an old domain name and web site to a new hosting provider, make sure that "301 redirects" are in place for each page. iHOUSEweb did a good job of doing this so we did not lose previous Google ranking. To be sure, no web site will be great unless there is unique content and someone behind it that will do the extra work it takes to be good. iHOUSEweb gives you that foundation and great on-going support.